London is an expensive place to visit but there is so much you can see and do for free.

See London’s major tourist attractions for free by following one of our 12 free self-guided walking tours or doing London’s cheapest sightseeing bus tour. Or visit one of London’s many museums, parks, markets, cemeteries and historic pubs.

And if you feel like escaping London for the day, try one of our 6 England self-guided sightseeing day tours.

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London's cheapest Bus Tour

See London by bus for around a tenner by following this self-guided bus tour. You just need an Oyster card.Read More
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Free self-guided walks

Choose from 12 free self-guided walks around central London, each covering a different area and theme. Read More
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Free and hidden places to visit

Visit various places, some you may not have heard of, such as museums, cemeteries, markets and classic pubs.Read More

Talking about London

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