London is known to be one of the most visited places globally, and it is found in Europe. This is not surprising as it has lots of fun places. It offers a wide range of options such that everyone gets to choose whatever interests them.

These options include iconic attractions, art exhibitions, beautiful centers, and secret spots, quality gigs and bookstores, museums, and many more fun places that make it worth spending your whole vacation there. Ride along with me as we explore ten best things to do when you visit London.


1. Take a tour around the Tower Bridge 

Tower Bridge is one of the best places that serve as a major attraction in London and so it is very popular. This is because of its historic structure and the way it lifts upright in the middle. In 2014, it gained an audacious glass floor on the high walkways that allowed tourists and sightseers to look directly downwards to the road and river, which is as deep as 42m below. You also get to stand inside Bascule Chambers of  Tower Bridge.


2. Tour the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey 

The Palace of Westminster is where the houses of Parliament are located, and it is open to tourists and touring. It is next to Westminster Abbey.  Westminster Abbey is where the UK’s Tomb of the Unknown Warrior is found. The Abbey has hosted globally watched events such as the funeral of Princess Diana, over 16 royal weddings, and it has also served as a burial location for over 12 monarchs. 


3. Check out the London Museum

Museums in London are quite interesting, intriguing with lots of artifacts from all over the world. So also, a number of the museums are free; the free ones include Tate Modern, the British museums, the National Gallery of Art, etc. 


4. The Sky Garden

The Sky Garden is referred to as London’s Free Observation Deck. London’s new walkie talkie building has a restaurant and a free public garden, both located at the top of the building. The views are quite astonishing, and they are open till very late at night.


5. Watch shows at the West End

You can check out different theaters like Shakespeare’s Globe, the Old Vic, the Bridge Theatre, the Gate Theatre, the Pleasance Theatre, and several other venues. Most of these theaters are not free, but there are some others that are. Either way, you get to enjoy something other than the day to day movies.


6. Locate a spot for free Wi-Fi 

Enjoy seamless connections to the internet all through your stay in London. With free O2 Wi-Fi which is accessible at various locations such as Costa Coffee, House of Fraser, Debenhams, you can stay connected to the internet 24/7 to stake bets here if you enjoy betting. There is no need for passwords with this free service, just download the app to discover hotspot locations even when you are offline.


7. Enjoy Vegan junkies at Dinerama

This is the Street’s Feast Shoreditch base that does taste-making street food with party vibes everywhere, anytime and any day. Dinerama is like a warehouse or a yard that has a resident DJ, ten global street food traders, and seven bars.  


8. A table at The Barbary

One of the best things to do on a visit to London is to book a 12-noon table at the Barbary. The Barbary is a small North African-inspired restaurant in Neal’s Yard. It has a sumptuous menu and a beautiful setting. 


9. Tour at Dennis Severs’ House

This is a very beautiful house on east London’s Folgate Street with a setting that is identical to the eighteenth century Huguenot silk weavers. It is regarded as a time travel to the old because of its resemblance, and it is open throughout the year. 


10. The British Library 

This is the United Kingdom’s national library. It contains a wide range of items of over 150 million in most languages all around the world. It also has the original manuscripts of some of the world’s renowned talents in various fields.