You may forget about leisurely pub crawls, impulsive entertainment choices, and peaceful city life observation if you’re planning to travel to London with a little child, especially one under the age of six. However, it’s only during such a trip that the metropolis can exhibit its most endearing aspect. Don’t be hesitant to include London on your list of family travel destinations because it goes out of its way to make it both convenient and exciting for everyone.

The key guideline for all seasoned parents who travel with kids is to plan leisure time so that the demands of the kids and the interests of the adults may coexist peacefully. The technique of balancing milestones, daytime naps, changing emotions, activity level, and meals may seem straightforward, but it takes some motivation and planning.

To keep children entertained, bring along a new toy that they aren’t yet familiar with, use mobile games for kids, a book that hasn’t yet been read to them, a colouring book, or a puzzle toy. A new cartoon on a tablet or laptop is perfect. You just need to take care of the headphones and good internet connection and pre-record the material.

To quickly capture cartoons, children’s “do-it-yourself” content, children’s lectures, or experiments, you can record your screen on Mac or use screen recording software for Windows. Such videos will captivate your child both on a long journey, and when moving from one location to another or while waiting in lines at the most popular attractions.



London Kids Tour

This open-top bus tour lasts 45 minutes. It will be an excellent choice for families with small children, as it allows you to see the most famous sights of the city like the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Tower Bridge without whims and fatigue. Visitors are escorted by a guide who shares numerous amusing anecdotes and fascinating facts about them.


The Making of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London

This well-liked studio tour and viewing display are situated in Leavesden, a city not far from the capital. Participants have a rare chance to view actual locations, outfits, and other artifacts that were used during the epic movie’s filming. Popular tourist destinations include the Great Hall at Hogwarts, Dumbledore’s office, Hagrid’s home, the Forbidden Forest, and Diagon Alley. You can board a genuine Hogwarts Express at Platform 934. In the house of the Weasley family – try everyday magic by controlling Mrs. Weasley’s magic brush for dishes and knitting needles. Magical treats await visitors at the Sweet Kingdom, and butterbeer at the Three Brooms Bar. This is truly one of the top things to do in London.


Legoland Windsor

This is the name of an amusement and one of the theme parks for children from 2 to 12 years old in Windsor (35 km west of central London), where everything is built from the LEGO constructor. Its territory is divided into 20 thematic zones with 55 attractions like roller coasters, water slides, and interactive activities for teens and adults over the age of 12. Popular LEGO movies are shown every day in the LEGO Studios 4D Theater. The BIG Shop, the largest specialty retailer in the nation, is another landmark of the park.


V&A Museum of Childhood

The beautiful historic building houses the national collection of Great Britain, covering all aspects of childhood – toys, household, and educational items, clothes, and games. The exhibits allow you to understand how children lived in different eras – from the 1600s to the present day. Young visitors to the museum have the opportunity to explore interactive exhibits during their London time, work out in the art workshop and sensory area, play in the sandbox and participate in theatrical performances. There is an excellent café on site.


London Transport Museum

It describes the evolution of the city’s public transportation since 1800. The planet’s earliest underground steam locomotive and the famous red bus are the most well-known artifacts in the collection. Children of all ages would enjoy a great vacation if they had a chance to visit this interactive exhibition. A large fleet of miniature cars is available for children up to the age of seven in the All Aboard area. The London double-decker bus driving simulator and the Northern Line subway driving simulator are both great for older children and teenagers.


Science Museum

His collection covers the development of domestic appliances and the technical advancements of many eras in the fields of physics, anatomy, medicine, and chemistry. The collection of aeronautical exhibitions devoted to the background of space exploration is awe-inspiring. The majority of the 15,000 pieces on display are interactive. You should engage with them and interact with them to see what happens. In a specifically designed area called the Wonderlab Gallery, you can explore more than 50 various models and objects.


Natural History Museum

Thousands of great exhibits await visitors here, but dinosaurs are the favourite among children of all ages. That is why young visitors are so eager to visit the Natural History Museum and its Blue Zone to see large animatronic lizards and roar along with the formidable Tyrannosaurus rex. Reptiles, marine life, and mammals are also represented here. At Hintze Hall, you can marvel at the huge skeleton of a female blue whale named Hope. In the Red Zone – get into the epicenter of an almost real earthquake, and learn more about birds, insects, and plants in the Green Zone. The Orange Zone is home to the Darwin Center and Wildlife Garden.


Museum of London

Its collection includes 7 million exhibition items that help to reconstruct different historical periods of London – from antiquity to the present. Children can gain interesting practical experiences – hold an exact copy of a Roman or knight’s sword in their hands, mold dishes from clay according to Celtic technology, visit a Saxon house, try on outfits from different eras, walk along a recreated Victorian street while looking into a toy store and a hairdresser and also learn how their peers lived in the 1950s . For children under 5 years old, the reception provides backpacks filled with themed games, toys, and puzzles. This attraction ranks highly among things to do in London.


Golden Hindu

This museum ship is a replica of the English galleon on which the legendary pirate Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the world in the 16th century. The modern version of the ship also repeated this route 400 years later, before permanently mooring on the banks of the Thames. Children will be delighted with interactive tours featuring actors in period costumes. They can explore the deck, raise the anchor, try on 16th-century sailor costumes, learn how barbers treated diseases and injuries in that era, shoot guns and watch a staged sword fight.



Crystal Palace Park

This place in the southeast of the city leaves behind a surreal feeling and also is one of the greatest free activities in London. Its most iconic attraction is the stone figures of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals created 150 years ago. In addition, there’s a small but very intricate labyrinth, a sculpture in the form of a huge laptop at the edge of a water lily pond, a hilly landscape, old trees, winding paths, the remains of a ruined castle, a lake, and a picturesque alley.  For those who are traveling with kids, there is a playground that continues the theme of prehistoric pangolins. The sand area is especially cool here, where you can climb on the stone skeleton of a dinosaur, dig out its remains or sit in an open egg.


To make your travel with kids engaging, approach this issue creatively and then the trip for you and your children will be interesting and unforgettable.