London is one of the most amazing cities in the United Kingdom. Why study abroad in London? With a rich culture, high salaries and vibrant history, London comes up to be the first choice for studying abroad. Living in this lively city is a completely different experience from what you have gone through.


You might be thinking that many foreigners have been living in London for a long time and that it is an English-speaking city, what can possibly go wrong? Well, you might want to go through our article and make sure nothing goes wrong. We have prepared an extensive list of study abroad London tips that can help you prepare your trip.



1. Learning History

Great Britain has always been the core of any historical event. While they helped some countries, they also destroyed others. But there is no point in bringing it up in every conversation or rather any conversation. If you want to know their history, look it up on the internet. People are busy with their lives. Nobody cares about history anymore.

2. Walking and Investigating Surroundings

If you belong to Asian countries or you are from an American city, according to statistics, walking is the last thing that comes to mind when visiting cultural spots. In some places, pollution and distance make it impossible. But not in London. London has perfectly structured footpaths and traffic lights for people to walk in peace. Every corner has a story to tell.


3. Understanding Different Words

Studying in London comes with a whole package of British English. You will realize this once you reach London and go out exploring. It is handy to dig deeper into their vocabulary. For example, fries are chips, chips are crisps, and a cookie is a biscuit. There is a whole list of word differences.

4. Saying Sorry and Making Excuses

Brits like to apologize for the smallest and non-existent things. That might sound stupid, unnecessary, or ridiculous to you but it is a sign of being humble and polite. When you hit yourself to the wall, you will hear a stranger saying sorry. If this is not your way, start practicing.

5. Using Local Means of Transportation

Using public transport is the cheapest and the most convenient way to reach one part of the city to another. If you are used to traveling in your car or bike, this might be a bit of a problem. The tube can help you reach just in time without you sweating like a horse.

6. Following Instructions

London is a remarkable place to be in. As you are packing, don’t forget about your assignments and order them like this. London also works smoothly because people follow instructions to avoid chaos. Since the announcements and signboards are in English, read them and follow them. For example, while using the tube escalator, you need to stand on the right to let others pass from the left. If you are walking, do not make people shift to the left. It is simple but important.

7. Guessing the Type of the Weather

Weather is one of the most annoying things in London. You can never be dressed appropriately for the weather because you never know what will be showered today, the sunlight or the raindrops. The weather forecast, someone living in the UK since the beginning, nobody can be sure about the weather. It is safe to carry an umbrella with you at all times.

8. Getting Used to Timings

Unlike many other countries whether shops are open till midnight, London works on its own principle. It is probably due to the cold weather. Shops start working by 10-11 am and close by 6 pm. If you have a tight schedule at your university and wish to find time for a cafe, you can use special apps to organize your day. If you are used to straddling around cafes late at night, you are not likely to find anything open.

9. Checking the Discounts

As students, you are liable to many discounts. Get an Oyster card which can help you make your traveling easy. Buying individual tickets is way more expensive and time-consuming. Also, you will probably get an NUS (National Union of Students Card) which will provide a discount in cafes, restaurants, and cinemas. You may also get ISIC, NUS extra, and London Pass to get cheaper things across the city.

10. Caring About Other People

Nobody wants to know what is going on between you and the person you are calling. The tube is usually silent and everybody is minding their own business. Read your book, listen to your favorite music, anything other than talking.


What is studying abroad like? In short, it is amazing as London is a remarkable place to be in. You can use the above tips while you are out exploring the city. You might not be able to automatically integrate these habits but as you go out more, meet people, and make new friends, you will see how these suggestions are coming in handy. Also, London is an expensive city so maybe you might want a part-time job that can cover your cafe and pub expenses. In this light, you can do research and get more information on how to combine studying and working in this amazing city!

Author Bio

Jeff Blaylock is a writer who lives in London. He has been an avid blogger during his university days. He used to blog his experience as a foreigner in London. All positive and negative experiences were written and the blogs helped a lot of foreigners to understand London and overcome culture shock. He believed that going out on foot actually helped him a lot to get used to the city.