There are several reasons to use a meeting room for business use. Most often, there aren’t enough meeting rooms in the office, they’re not large enough, or they lack the wow factor to impress prospective clients. Whatever the reason, a meeting room in central London is useful because of how easy it is to access from all parts of the city.

Here are three good reasons to use a meeting room in London.


Impressing Clients

For clients who are visiting from out of town and have taken in Buckingham Palace and Pall Mall, they then want to meet and get down to business. If your offices are extremely busy, noisy, and compact, and you also have a small reception area which isn’t very private, then the idea of a central meeting room that is accessible will be attractive. A good example is one of the meeting rooms near Kings Cross which you can book at

The Kings Cross location has excellent transport links both by rail and road, as well as being central enough to be accessible from all parts of London within a reasonable period of time. A room should be spacious enough to relax and focus on the discussion and deal points before reaching a final decision. The lack of distractions is useful to stay on-point and have a successful meeting.


Bring Separate Teams Together to Collaborate

When your company has teams spread across several office locations in different cities or countries, it’s difficult to get on the same page. Sure, there are video conference solutions like Skype, but there’s usually a lag time which interferes with the smooth running of a meeting or active discussion between a group of people.

Make sure that your meeting room is equipped with the right tools to help people plan together. This could be enough power outlets, good lighting, and a whiteboard to write on, but also, don’t forget a fast internet connection so teams can brainstorm and perform internet research during the meeting to come up with rapid-fire solutions.


Get into the Zone

There are times when you need to cut yourself off from your colleagues and the rest of the world, so you can think, plan and strategise. Doing so isn’t always possible when you’re either in an open-plan office or an office where many people come knocking on the door to chat or “ask a quick question”, which takes you out of your flow state.

Many meeting rooms have acoustic panels that act to dampen the sound from the rest of the building. The room is fundamentally set up to create a space where one or more people can focus without interruption. Studies have shown that the typical worker only gets three hours of productive work completed in a given day because of interruptions and other chaos, so an office alone is likely to improve that dramatically when there’s a deadline looming.

Whatever your business needs from an extra meeting space, it is an affordable investment for companies that are forward-thinking and looking to expand. After all, lacking a suitable meeting space is not going to impress prospective clients at all.