People are travelling and one of their favourite destinations is London. And, the majority of the world population is still new to vacationing. This is because the incomes being earned around the world are increasing. However, the world we are living in today is technology driven and this has made a lot of things accessible to the general population. One of those things that are now available to everyone is travelling. There are now cheaper travelling means (budget airlines) and cheaper accommodation (Airbnb etc). Such services reduce the cost of a vacation. But self-guided tours are joy that is yet to be enjoyed by many.

What Are Self-Guided Tours?
Self-guided tours are where the tourist goes through the sites at their own discretion. This is different from a guided tour where a professional guide takes the visitors to the places of interest. The tour guide determines where to go, which routes to use and the information to provide. This is opposed to a self-guided tour in which the visitor chooses their own destination, the way to get there and many other things. After all, there are a lot of sights, experiences and joys in London and not everyone’s taste is the same.

The Benefits of a Self-Guided tour of London
1. It is more fun. Without the convenience of having someone who knows the area in and out there is a great possibility for a real adventure to arise. Getting lost is not such a bad thing in most countries. But for some people that is a gamble they do not want to take, they would rather stick to real money online casino games.

2. It is cheap. The cost of getting a guide far outweighs the cost of going it alone. Saving money is not a bad thing especially with the many things to spend on in London.

3. You get a tour designed specifically for you. You also dictate the pace of the tour. Guides work with time schedules which are not dedicated to only you. They have to meet tour times for other clients, therefore, you are forced to go with the guide. On a self-guided tour, you decide where you want to stop and for how long.