Visiting London doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you are smart about it then you can get a huge amount of pleasure out of the UK’s capital without spending too much on it. So, how will you get started?

This is a great city for using your phone to give you a lot of free entertainment and information. Don’t fret about a modest budget when you can enjoy the following without it costing you any money at all.

Take Fun Selfies in World-Famous Spots

London is absolutely crammed full of world-famous tourist sights that you simply can’t afford to miss. From Big Ben to Buckingham Palace and from Picadilly Circus to Tower Bridge, there are many places here that are instantly recognisable and that you will be keen to visit.

Even if you don’t normally take a lot of selfies, you can have a lot of fun doing so when you are in London. A few photos with the iconic doubledecker buses and red telephone boxes will also give you some special memories to look back on in the future. You won’t look out of place, as the majority of tourists will be doing exactly the same.

Play Free Mobile Games

Not all mobile games are free to play, but many of them are. Downloading a range of games will give you something interesting to do when you have some spare time in London. What about making those endless Tube journeys more pleasant or spending some time playing while lounging in one of the city’s famous parks?

An example of a game created in London is the hugely popular Monument Valley, which has been downloaded 26 million times. Another option is to look for a free mobile casino, such as the Mr Green App . This casino is run by the Online Gaming Operator of the Year and has hundreds of jackpots slots, live dealer games, and more.

Research the Places You Visit

One of the most difficult things about visiting London is that there is just so much to see and do. This city is absolutely packed with history, events, and stunning sights. Therefore, it makes sense to do some research on what you want to see and find out the real stories behind the places that you plan to visit.

A good move is to look for one of the city’s free Wi-Fi spots, which now include old telephone boxes that have been converted into modern Wi-Fi kiosks by BT. You can then find out all about the sights that most appeal to you and the history of this intriguing city.

Take a Free Guided Tour

There is a common belief that going on a walking tour is the best way to see London and learn about its past. This is certainly a recommended way of soaking up the atmosphere and of re-living the rich, fascinating history that is all around you. You can go on free walking tours or you could use your phone as your guide instead.

Some of the best free apps for discovering London include Hidden London, TrailTale, and Soho Stories from the National Trust. You will soon feel as though you are getting to really know this city as you wander around while learning about its unique history and discovering a few places that not every tourist gets to see here.

There is no need to feel as though London is going to be too expensive for you to visit. By using your phone wisely you can make the most of your time in the city without worrying too much about the prices.