London offers an abundance of arcades that cater to every gaming taste, from retro arcade classics like Pac-Man and Space Invaders to virtual reality experiences. These arcades are equipped with amazing selections of games, but their vibrant atmospheres and retro decor transport you back in time – soak up neon lights, listen to nostalgic soundtracks, and enjoy some old-school fun!

Now is the time to elevate your gaming experience and create unforgettable memories at one of the city’s premier arcades! Let the games begin!


Top 4 Arcades in London for Retro Games Fans

London is a city known for its vibrant gaming culture, and it’s no surprise that it’s home to some of the best arcades in the world. If you’re in the mood for some gaming nostalgia or looking to try out the latest gaming innovations, these arcades are a must-visit.


1. Four Quarters

Located in East London, Four Quarters is a retro arcade bar that combines classic arcade games with a wide selection of craft beers and cocktails. The arcade features a rotating selection of arcade cabinets, including beloved classics like Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, and Galaga. With its cosy and laid-back atmosphere, Four Quarters is the perfect spot to unwind with friends and challenge them to some friendly competition.


2. Namco Funscape

Situated in the heart of London, Namco Funscape is a sprawling arcade complex that offers something for everyone. From classic arcade games to state-of-the-art virtual reality experiences, Namco Funscape has it all. Challenge your friends to a game of bowling, try your luck at the arcade machines, or test your skills at the laser tag arena. With its wide range of activities, Namco Funscape guarantees a day of non-stop fun and excitement. They even used to have a “Spin the Wheel” game where they offer free spins bonus sometimes.


3. The Heart of Gaming

True to its name, The Heart of Gaming is a haven for gaming enthusiasts. Located in Croydon, this arcade is packed with a vast collection of retro arcade cabinets, consoles, and gaming memorabilia. From Atari classics to Sega favourites, The Heart of Gaming is a treasure trove of gaming nostalgia. With its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, this arcade is a must-visit for anyone looking to relive the golden age of gaming.


4. Novelty Automation

Novelty Automation offers an unusual spot to show off your gaming skills – it’s sure to get people talking! Tim Hunkin, who went from engineer to cartoonist over time, created this collection of mostly handmade machines at Novelty Automation – it features various theme park games that likely brought back childhood memories for you! He even designed the ‘Under the Pier Show’ arcade – his creation features many arcade classics that may bring back fond memories.


Classic Arcade Games You Can Play

No trip to an arcade is complete without indulging in some classic arcade games. These timeless favourites have stood the test of time and continue captivating players of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of arcades, these classics are a great place to start.


1. Donkey Kong

Help Mario rescue Pauline from the clutches of the big, bad ape in Donkey Kong. Jump over barrels, climb ladders, and avoid obstacles as you make your way to the top of the construction site. Donkey Kong is a challenging and rewarding game that has become a staple of arcade gaming.


2. Pac-Man

One of the most iconic games of all time, Pac-Man is a must-play for any arcade enthusiast. Guide the yellow, pizza-shaped character through a maze while avoiding ghosts and gobbling up pellets. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, Pac-Man remains a favourite among gamers.


3. Space Invaders

Another classic from the early days of gaming, Space Invaders, challenges players to defend Earth from an alien invasion. Move your laser cannon left and right while shooting at descending rows of aliens. With its simple controls and addictive gameplay, Space Invaders is a true arcade classic.


Benefits of Visiting Arcades

Visiting arcades offers numerous benefits beyond simply playing games. For starters, arcades provide a social experience that is often lacking in modern gaming. Arcades offer a chance to connect with others in person in a world dominated by online multiplayer and solo gaming experiences. Whether you’re challenging a friend to a game of air hockey or teaming up with strangers for a cooperative arcade game, there’s a sense of camaraderie that comes from playing side by side.

Arcades also offer a unique opportunity to try out new games and experiences. With constantly evolving technology, arcades are often the first to showcase cutting-edge virtual reality games or immersive experiences that are not yet available for home consoles. Trying these games in an arcade setting allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience and get a taste of the future of gaming.

Additionally, arcades provide a break from the everyday routine and offer a chance to escape into a world of fun and excitement. Whether you’re a busy professional looking for a stress-relieving activity or a student seeking a break from studying, arcades offer a welcome respite from the pressures of daily life. The bright lights, energetic atmosphere, and the thrill of competition combine to create a truly immersive experience that can transport you to another world, even if only for a little while.


Final Thoughts

London’s gaming culture boasts some of the world’s top arcades that serve both nostalgic and innovative purposes. Four Quarters’ blend of classic games with craft beverages and Namco Funscape’s wide range of attractions provide unique entertainment; Heart of Gaming and Novelty Automation offer the best retro treasures; these arcades foster social connections while opening up new horizons; timeless classics like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong are staples here too.

Stepping inside an arcade means not just playing games but taking part in an atmosphere full of camaraderie, innovation, fun, and excitement – not only doing but doing nothing else but being immersed in an adventure where pure fun awaits!