A well-deserved holiday should never be made with compromises, yet unfortunately, it’s often the case that where you put your money has to be carefully selected, and other options may be forfeited in order to afford it overall.

If you have made the decision, however, that you would like your dream holiday tailored to luxury rather than compromises, then there are many things you can do to truly optimise your experience and make it as soothing and relaxing as possible.


Give Serious Thought to Your Destination

Some countries and tourist spots scream luxury – and others don’t. There is nothing wrong with the locations which aren’t particularly luxurious, but if you have set your heart on investing more in glamour and indulgence, then you need to ensure you’re not compromising on the destination.

If white sands and a tropical feel more entice you, then try looking into Caribbean islands, such as Antigua and St. Lucia. If you’re not too invested in the more tropical locations but love the idea of sea and sand, then try popular European countries like Greece, Portugal or Cyprus. Although many European countries are tourist hotspots and may suggest a crowded atmosphere rather than the luxury you’re craving, don’t be swayed by this, as there are some extravagant gems always hidden in these places. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a city break, glamorous capitals like Paris could offer all the vibrant amenities you require.


Upgrade Your Accommodation

For some people, especially those on a more active or sight-seeing holiday, the accommodation can be seen as “just a place to sleep.” This may be true for people planning on moving around a lot – backpackers or solo travellers, for example – but for those looking to make the very most out of their accommodation, upgrading can have exceptional benefits.

Luxury is usually synonymous with comfort and grandeur, and if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday with a touch of glamour, then finding top-end accommodation can really make a difference. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but saving extra for better accommodation is a worthy investment.

If your ideal type of vacation, for example, is a hot country abroad with sun, sea and sand, such as Spain, France or Cyprus, as previously mentioned, then your obvious choice for an accommodation upgrade would be a villa. Choosing a villa can offer a host of benefits, including:

  • Privacy
  • Your own private pool with most villa options
  • The opportunity to enjoy food and drink in your own space
  • Perfect for large groups to enjoy a luxury vacation together
  • Minimising disturbance and noise for other holidaymakers in nearby rooms, such as hotels

Do your research to ensure you are getting the villa which is perfect for your needs, and look online for luxury villas in France or other fantastic European countries.


Upgrade Your Plane Seat

Spoiling yourself doesn’t have to begin the moment your feet hit the ground in a new country. It can start from the moment you set off to your destination. It’s easy to always choose the cheapest and most economical seat for a plane journey, but deciding to invest more in a higher quality experience is a decision you will never regret. It can also mean you feel relaxed and rejuvenated when you arrive at your destination, rather than the usual stress and discomfort which might come from long plane journeys with limited space and leg room.

If First Class tickets seem a little beyond your reach, this doesn’t mean you can’t always ask at the airport. Upgrades are always available, and you might strike it lucky, potentially at a discounted price. At the very least, consider paying a little more for premium seats rather than basic economy.


Always Take The Extras

Nearly all accommodation and packages will offer optional extras, which many people will turn down if planning a standard trip away. If you’re opting for treating yourself to as much as you can get, however, then look into the perfect extras available for your trip.

This could include options within an expensive hotel, such as a private hot tub experience for you and your significant other, with a bottle of champagne on the side, or it could be a large sea-view balcony suite, rather than a standard indoor room. As mentioned earlier, a lot of villas come with pools as standard but ensure you go for the very best villa with the very best pool and most privacy possible. Every little extra truly makes a difference.