Kitchen knives are a very important tool that is critical for the task of cooking. Their being in good shape and condition is of utmost importance to all cooks whether commercial or otherwise.

Regular upkeep of kitchen knives not only improves and increases their longevity but also makes them more efficient. How many times have you not been able to find the right kitchen knife or even if you have found it is not in a good condition. This is all because you have been overlooking its condition and not looking after it the proper way.

It is not practical to buy such knives again and again because they are quite expensive and you have to be careful to save them from getting damaged. A careful attitude will not only save your money but also be responsible for the making of an excellent dish. Here is a list of tips that will ensure that your kitchen knives are around in the best condition for a very long time. 



Appropriate storage of all kitchen knives is of utmost importance. Before stacking them at any place they should be completely dry to avoid rust on their surface. More importantly moisture can make the knives breeding grounds of germs and to avoid such an eventuality always store them when they are completely dry.

Imagine owning an expensive top-tier damascus kitchen knife and losing it to rust because of your carelessness. Another mistake that should be avoided is storing the knives with other cutlery because when they come in contact with them it compromises their sharpness or worse bends them. The best way to store them is having separate blocks or magnetic strips made exclusively for storing knives. 



Dull or unsharpened knives are a problem for two major reasons. One is that it hampers the functionality of the knives and two is that dull blades can prove to be dangerous. Dull bladed knives do not give the desired results and one has to put in more effort than normal to make them work. Being more forceful can lead to injury in case of slippage. 



The presence of varying types of knives is a testament to the fact that each knife type is made for a specific job. Using the right knife in the right manner will not only make your task easy and quick but will make it last long. Handling of knives is very important because using them in a certain inclination can loosen or damage their structure. Always be careful while using a knife because using them in the wrong inclination can damage them irreversibly.



If you are cutting from the blunt side of the knife the pressure that should be applied is more as compared to cutting with the sharper side. The sharper side of the knife  has a smaller area that comes in contact with any food and hence needs less pressure. Use the right side to make correct use of the knife. 



Knife longevity does not just depend on which knives are used, stored or how they are stored. Longevity also depends on what the knives come into contact with. If the knives come into contact with hard surfaces, the knife blade loses its sharpness because hard surfaces do not absorb the impact during cutting. Usage of wood and plastic cutting boards is ideal for knife health for they absorb the impact considerably.

Avoid these mistakes and see for yourself the impact that they will have on the longevity of the knives. A little informed carefulness always goes a long way in preserving every kind of object.