London is home to some of the world’s most famous theatres, music schools, and performance venues. It’s no surprise that many musicians and bands originate in London or travel to this capital city to experience its musical history and culture.

From prospective students checking out the universities to professional musicians visiting London to play a gig for the weekend, there are so many different activities to experience while in this city.

Here are some of the activities for musicians in London, regardless of how long you’re staying and your reasons for travelling.


1. Go and See a Show in the West End

London is home to the famous West End, where you’ll be able to watch famous musical theatre shows such as Les Misérables and The Lion King, often performed by some of the world’s biggest names in theatre. They are performed in some of the most famous theatres in the country, including the Sondheim Theatre and the Theatre Royal.

The best thing to do is check out a calendar of events before you arrive to see what’s playing and whether tickets are still available. Book in advance or take your chances on the day and show up at the box office. Visit the ticket booth at Leicester Square to see if you can get your hands on cheaper tickets.


2. Hire a Recording Studio

Whether you need to hire a studio for work or as a hobby, London has some top studios on offer for locals and visitors alike. Looking for London rehearsal studios before you arrive in the city can save time, especially if you need a practice space before you perform somewhere.

You can book a studio with PIRATE where you will have access to recording equipment and a private space to get ready for a gig or simply experiment with your latest musical skills. You can book your studio time here before you arrive in London or when you’re in the city.


3. Watch a Gig

London’s buzzing musical scene makes it easy to find live music no matter which part of town you’re in. And it doesn’t stop at live music either since there are dance and comedy performances which are often happening in and around London too. From Soho to Brixton, London venues have plenty to offer in terms of entertainment, and you might even meet some other musicians there too.

Book your tickets in advance if you’re interested in a popular show which is likely to sell out. Unless you have other fixed commitments, check out the gigs that are on in London before you travel and fit this into your itinerary ahead of time.


4. Attend a Music Festival

If you’re a music fan who is planning a trip to London, don’t forget to check out the timings for all the biggest music festivals if this is something you are interested in attending. Not only is this a great opportunity to meet lots of new people in the city, but it’s a chance to hear some famous musicians on stage too.

Some of the biggest festivals include the Wireless Festival and the Hampton Court Palace Festival which normally happen in the summer. Some of the biggest names in music play at these festivals, making it the perfect activity for musicians and music lovers who enjoy an all-day party. Meet other people on social media if you want to connect with festival goers in advance and plan some activities together.


5. Walk Down Abbey Road

Love or hate the Beatles, you’ve probably seen the iconic photo of the famous foursome walking over the zebra crossing on Abbey Road. While it might seem like any other road with a zebra crossing, the photo of the Beatles became one of the most famous in musical history when it was used for their last album together.

Many musicians and fans have visited this location to recreate the photo for themselves (and if you’re a cricket fan too, it’s a very short walk down the road to the famous Lord’s cricket ground.)


6. Connect with Other Musicians

Through social media platforms and other local groups, you can connect with other musicians whether you’re staying in the city for the night or for the foreseeable future. Getting in touch with people in the area can open doors to see local gigs and venues that you never knew existed, and it can also make your time in London more enjoyable.

Make music together in a recording studio with other musicians or share your experiences and recommendations in the city and create memories for life.

Spending time in London as a musician can bring many new experiences and opportunities. Whether you’re interested in making new music, connecting with other musicians, or performing at big London venues, this city has everything a musician needs.