Established in 1753, the Ten Bells pub was frequently visited by many of the victims of Jack the Ripper as it was near to where they lived

Mary Jane Kelly, the ripper’s final victim, drank here on the night of her death.

The pub’s exterior was re-built in the late 1990’s, though up until 2002 the interior was still very much as it was during the days of the murders.

On the wall of the pub there used to be a wooden board listing the Ripper’s victims.

However, you couldn’t read the text on it because it had been turned face to the wall and screwed down in that position.

Apparently, that was done as a result of complaints to the owner by various Women’s groups who objected on the grounds of it being demeaning to women.

You can visit the Ten Bells pub on the ripper walk. Read about London’s other historic pubs.

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