The Abbey was built by Edward the Confessor, and William the Conqueror was crowned in it on Christmas Day 1066.

Thousands of people are buried, or have their ashes interred, in it. Many others have plaques. Those buried in the Abbey include

* Royalty – Henry III, Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I, James I, Charles II
* Politicians – Pitt the Younger, Pitt the Elder, Chamberlain, Gladstone
* Poets and Writers – Chaucer, Jonson, Browning, Tennyson

In 1997, the funeral service for Diana, Princess of Wales was held there. (Though she is not buried in the Abbey.)
One person buried in the Abbey has three separate monuments. He was John Broughton, a famous eighteenth century boxer who invented boxing gloves. He also became a Yeoman of the Guard and a verger of the Abbey.
The last burial in the Abbey was in 1906; since then, only ashes have been accepted. Ben Jonson, the poet, is buried upright.

There is an admission charge to visit the Abbey unless you are attending a service there.

See Westminster Abbey on the royal walk

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