There are countless ways to find employment but what we often struggle with is looking in the right places. A great place to start is in local newspapers such as The Metro, City AM and the Evening Standard which provides information on jobs for free. But if you’re really serious about finding employment, then the best way to do so is via online sites and through their associated mobile apps. We have listed a few that are the most popular and effective at the moment.


This is definitely one of biggest sites in the world with over 250 million people visiting their site on a monthly basis; all looking for the perfect job, no matter the country. Indeed is one of the top job sites around as it always places the needs of the jobseeker first, and is always thinking of ways to find the perfect role for each person. For example, there is a feedback section, whereby employees can leave feedback on the companies they work at. Thus providing a true insight into the job role as well as the company itself. So for example, anyone interested in role at Intouch Games Ltd can see what staff really think of the company and make an informed decision on whether to apply for a position.

Furthermore, the company has a work force of 7,400, who are based all over the world. This makes it a truly effective global service. So much so that, at least nine jobs are uploaded per second globally, which is amazing.

Job Today

Job Today is the biggest mobile hiring platform, they were established in 2015 and have been flourishing ever since. Their motto is to change the way people find work and to make it as simple as possible. They have managed to process a 100 million applications which has made them the number one hiring app in the UK. Job Today aspires to find everyone the perfect job with the least amount of stress and hassle.


This site was designed in 1995 and it has become one of the largest hiring platforms in the UK. They have over 280,000 live jobs available for anyone seeking employment in literally every industry you can think of. All that need to be done is simply search what you are looking for and in a matter of seconds a list of possibilities will be at your fingertips.

The service makes the search for jobs extremely easy to do by allowing you to create job alerts that match your specific skills. When signing up to Jobsite your information is shared with partner brands and recruiters who are also there to ensure you find employment quickly.

This was the first recruitment website that was provided by an actual recruitment agency in the UK. It was formed in 1995 and over the years this online service has been using technology and customer feedback to make it one of the most effective and pleasant sites to use. There are even courses and career advice available to anyone interested. All these factors makes it the UK’s number one job site, with 25,000 recruiters a year across 350 offices. They have a massive 7 million people looking for employment every month, exploring potential jobs across 42 industries and markets.

Finding a job has never been easier than in today’s world with the amazing developments that have been created. With these initiatives to find employment at everyone’s disposal, finding a job in London, in whatever sector, should be no problem at all.