Hamburger! It is simply a juice-leaking, filled with the season, and melted piece of heaven! There are plenty of popular restaurants that offer great items to devour in the UK. Did you know that there’s even some online? Cash Diner Slot offers some of the most delicious looking symbols on the game. You’ll even find some succulent features that will keep you entertained. Here is a list you can find in the city!

Dexter’ cheeseburger

If you request one thing at this little lounge area over the Compton Arms in Canonbury, ensure it’s genuine with a splendid cheeseburger. The burger is stuffed with dreams, a messy, muddled thing including a flimsy and succulent chargrilled patty produced using Dexter meat, with backups looking like dissolved cheddar, burger sauce and finely minced onion – in addition to a pile of sweet pickles. You’ll be swooning after the main piece.

‘El Chappo’ burger

The Bluecoats on Tottenham High Road presents burgers that suggest a flavour like a gathering in your mouth. There are specials on the menu named after celebrated faces, for example, Kelly LeBrock, however, for the regulars, the red hot ‘El Chappo’ might be one of your favourites. There’s an effectively enormous patty which is topped with smoked bacon, jalapeños, aïoli and blue cheddar. Bonne Appetit.

‘Filthy Barbie’ burger

Simply succulent, generally hacked patties of hurl hamburger which comes impeccably cooked and well prepared. Ball-moulded meat hills are squished down on the barbecue, giving patties those heavenly burned edges. The buns are delicate, fun brioche. It’s simply a work of art with pickles, lettuce, cheddar, fresh bits of streaky bacon ‘sweetened’ in sugar, or cuts of hot-and-sweet salted red jalapeños. You will return for this hamburger!

The Cheeseburger

Their burgers are cooked ‘medium’ and in spite of the compulsion to ‘bend over’, a solitary patty is more than adequate in its durable sesame brioche bun with basic increments. There is a magnificently messy ‘bacon spread burger’ which was stacked with fresh pancetta, liquid American cheddar and consumed margarine mayo.

‘Venimoo’ burger

Two bundles of joy patty party at Highland-adoring café Mac and Wild. A hamburger patty and a venison patty snuggle up together inside a perfect brioche. Softened cheddar, pickles, béarnaise and caramelised onions to add to the flavour, add a slice of sugar-coated bacon for £2.50 and let the fun begin!

The Blacklist burger, £10

You have it all with The Blacklist Burger- Slices of; medium’ slashes, ‘enormous’ off-the-bone marvels, ‘thin’ little hacks. You will notice at a bite a sudden secret ingredient. You won’t see it on the menu either. There’s a delicate sesame bun, you get a delicious patty stacked with cut gherkin and onions caramelised and a slug of gentle sriracha-bound burger sauce. This goes well with fries.


Kimchi burger, £17

This unique masterpiece is different from all the hamburgers, cause it’s a kimchi burger! Hawksmoor’s Kimchi Burger is a genuine Seoul food. Made up by head culinary specialist Richard Turner when he came from South Korea. It consists of a Hawksmoor cheeseburger –which is topped with hamburger short rib and zesty aged cabbage. Are you ready to give this one a try?