London is one of the most popular tourist capitals, so it is quite difficult to give advice which you haven’t already heard somewhere else. So, we tried to compile a list of sightseeing gems that make the longest impression on the visitors, because, in the end, all we remember about our trips are emotions.

List of London’s Most Impressive Attractions

1. The Tower. The Tower is mysterious and creepy. The moment you enter the territory, it will send chills running down your spine. You will immediately feel the atmosphere of intrigue, suffering and torture that took place in its walls throughout the late Middle Ages. It is better to visit Tower with an audio guide and try not to miss the famous London Dungeon, which will perfectly complement the impression of the dark history of the city.

2. Big Ben. It’s London’s logo, its most recognisable landmark. Elisabeth Tower (its original name) is more impressive to be seen live than in the postcards.

3. London Eye. It will take you up and above to see all of London’s best views: St. Paul’s, Westminster Abbey, the London Egg (curious, huh?). The height of it will give you positive chills like online casino bonuses do.

4. Trafalgar Square. To know the heart of London, you need to visit its busiest place with double-deckers, shops and malls. Try and win Australian casino online to add more thrill to your journey.

And lastly, explore. Go walking without a planned route and see the small side streets, local atmospheric pubs where the English root for their favourite team, try fish and chips for once.

Let yourself be free of plans and schedules and explore the city intuitively. You will be surprised at how much London really has to offer.