Most people may think that you can only use Bitcoin to make purchases for products or services online, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. More and more places are accepting Bitcoin as a payment method in the offline world. And London is a city leading the charge. So, whether you live in the capital or are visiting; here are several places where you and your Luno wallet filled with Bitcoin will be very welcome.


On The Move

The most popular way to get around London is, of course, by black cab. Bitcoin Black Cab is a black cab driver who accepts Bitcoin as payment for his taxi services. He provides users who pay by Bitcoin with a discount, encouraging more to follow suit. It’s the number one way to travel by cab in London when you’re a Bitcoin user, and you’ll be driven around by a likeminded person.


If anyone is heading to the capital and planning to stay overnight, you may need to check into a hotel or a hostel. Clink78, which is apart of Clink Hostels, is a stylish and friendly hostel based in the capital, and it combines Victorian architecture with a modern twist. It’s a fantastic way to meet new friends, especially in the on-site basement bar, and you can pay with Bitcoin.

Tea or Coffee

While in London, you may fancy a cup of tea or coffee, or, after dark, a whiskey. Well, The Old Shoreditch Station is the perfect venue for both. Based at a decommissioned train station, this café bar and exhibition centre has it all, for daytime and evening guests. The site is made up of three rooms, and as well as great coffee and a selection of beverages, pop up shops, exhibits and intimate gigs also take place, with private party bookings available.


More people are quitting smoking and taking up vaping. But, just like smoking, you need a place to go to pick up the essentials. If you’re a Bitcoin user, there is no better place in London than House of Vapes. At the House of Vapes, you step into a friendly environment where the very best and unique vape juices and accessories are on sale. The venue also doubles up as a coffee shop too, so pop in, enjoy a beverage and vape to your heart’s content.

Fine Dining

Boisdale of Bishopsgate, which accepts Bitcoin, is one of the top fine dining restaurants in the capital. It’s a place for luxury, with the venue renowned as one of the best champagne and oyster bars around. Elegant and modern British cuisine is the staple at Boisdale of Bishopsgate. There are regular events held too, and you can catch some great live jazz most nights as well.

Therefore, as you can see, London is perfect for Bitcoin users. From accommodation and dining, through to travel and more, you can do everything in the city and pay using the world’s leading cryptocurrency. It will only lead to more establishments accepting Bitcoin too, which bodes well for the future.