Ever dabbled in cryptocurrency? If you’ve paid attention to financial news in the last few years, it’s likely you will have heard of a new form of money called bitcoin. Bitcoin is a completely digital currency which is ‘mined’ through interlinking computers and a digital ledger called blockchain. Blockchain is actively changing the way that businesses and consumers record data, secure money and more. It’s growing ever more popular by the day!


Blockchain is seen by millions as the future of seamless transactions and asset trading. But there are likely to be many questions people want to ask. Even the most experienced users and traders are still likely to have much to learn. For example – what is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)? How could blockchain help start-ups and small companies grow?


All the answers and more could well be waiting for you at the Blockchain World Congress 2020, with events in London later this May.


What is the Blockchain World Congress?


The World Congress is a yearly event which brings together innovators and speakers who have a wealth of experience in blockchain, cryptocurrency and more. It is a blanket event which normally takes place over two days, offering keynote speeches and talks, as well as opportunities for businesspeople to network and learn more about how to apply blockchain to their own companies and their daily administration.


One example of a keynote speech set to take place this year will explore how blockchain is both innovating for and disrupting business on a global scale. Blockchain’s ability to allow businesses and consumers to swiftly and smoothly trade currency, and to record clear contract information, is making it a popular asset for many developing firms all over the world.


For many, the Blockchain World Congress is a great opportunity to learn more about recent innovations and ways in which global business is opening up to the technology. Even at this time, there are still many companies yet to adopt the service. That’s because there are still so many questions left to ask!


Visitors and attendees this year will be able to attend speeches from representatives at Deloitte, IBM and many more leading brands.


When and where will it take place this year?


In 2020, the Blockchain World Congress will take place over the 28th and the 29th of May, and tickets are now available for visitors to claim ‘early bird’ access. The event will take place at The Great Hall in the Kensington Conference and Events Centre. Attendees will have access to refreshments throughout the day, as both days have full timetabled agendas.


At the time of publication, the event is still very much set to go ahead. However, with intensive measures protecting citizens against the Covid-19 pandemic, it is advisable to keep a close eye on any potential changes to the event. Travel curfews and continuing lockdown measures in the UK alone may result in the event facing postponement; however, as of now, according to the main event website, plans are very much in place for the speeches to go ahead.


Can I attend for free?


At this time, there do not appear to be any free passes allowing access to the whole event. However, the organizers may have a few concessions in place. It is worth consulting the organizers directly, particularly in light of Covid-19, to see if there are any deals or offers likely to bring attendance fees lower. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on the Congress’ social media profiles, which will update regularly with changes to proceedings.


With the lockdown measures and to help save money, there are many resources online you can find for free without having to attend the event. For example, there are some videos from previous Congresses available for you to watch and enjoy on YouTube. This means that you can at least prepare yourself for future speeches should you attend. It may help you to decide whether or not you feel attending will be worth your time. Connect to some of the city’s free internet and stream a few speeches.


How could the Congress help me?


The Blockchain World Congress is likely to a hugely beneficial event for businesses that are aiming to grow using the latest technology in years to come. Are you struggling to appeal to and adapt to modern consumer concerns? Want to know more about how blockchain is slowly changing the world around us? Keynote speeches and events here could give you the insight you need to grow your firm for years to come.