The master bedroom is a sanctuary. Far from just a place to sleep, it has become a refuge from everyday life. This is why it’s so important to make sure your bedroom best reflects your personality. If you’re finding your surroundings dreary, why not give it a fresh lick of paint, or get that dream bed you’ve always wanted. Here are some ideas to get your imagination running wild.


Industrial Design


In an age where people are finding more of their lives digitised there has been a big push for texture in our physical spaces. No more so than the phenomenon of industrial design. Walls left bare convey a sense of warmth and strength whilst connecting you to the structure itself. For a minimalist approach, why not try poured concrete to get the ‘naked’ effect with a little less pattern. Both these styles match well with industrial staples such as warm brown fabrics and slim-legged metallic furniture.


A Careful Mess


Made famous by many a rom-com, this look makes one dream of artists chasing a dream in New York. While it may appear messy, stacks of books, asymmetrical lighting, mismatched furniture, and quirky knick-knacks can all be brought together with the use of single tone walls and wooden floors. This trend will certainly appeal to nouveau travellers with plenty of space in quirky rooms to add mementoes, photos, and souvenirs. This style is also cost-effective with a fresh lick of paint and some organising all that’s required.


Mid-Century Design

With celebrity bedrooms featuring European 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s looks it is little wonder this trend has caught on so well. A far cry from the Careful Mess, the combination of vintage Italian design with clean lines creates a serene and peaceful place to drift off to sleep. White tones and wood dominate this look but choosing the right linens really add personality to the aesthetic. Couple this with some chic vintage furniture and you’ve got a room worthy of an A-Lister.


Modern Wallpaper



While some might still have nightmares of their relatives outdated wallpaper, the humble decoration has seen somewhat of a revival in 2017. The reason behind its success is the change in furniture. Gone are the days of headache-inducing pattern clashes. Instead, the wallpaper is the star of the show with muted linens and plain furniture making vibrant walls pop. Kourtney Kardashian enlisted designer Jeff Andrews to design her just a space. The playful nature of wallpaper allows you to bring youth and vibrancy whilst maintaining the serenity with muted furnishings.




Surrealism has never been everyone’s cup of tea but it has seen a boom in the last year. This style requires a bit of work such as purchasing a new bed, interesting tiles, and geometrically patterned furniture but the effect is well worth it. With some multi-coloured subway tiles, luxury bedding, and one-of-a-kind furniture you can take your bedroom space to another universe.


These are but a few styles pushing through in 2017 with inspiration coming from professional and amateur designers alike. The bedroom is an amazing space, reflective of both personality and privacy so why not make it your own and create the oasis you’ve always wanted.