It is no secret that the true king of the poker tables and the slots in Las Vegas. But, Europe has a long-standing powerful impact on the casino scene. To the point that some of the most famous casinos, like Casino de Monte-Carlo, is in one of the most iconic movies of all time.

Europe has more than a bit of skin in the game regarding the most popular casinos in the world. Before diving into all of London’s history and power in the casino world, here are the top 5 casino cities in Europe.


Monte Carlo, Monaco

One of the most luxurious casino experiences you can have anywhere in the world is here. With dress codes and an expected level of decorum, the casinos in Monte Carlo have more than a few celebrities and sports stars visiting regularly.


London, England 

We will tuck into some history and how London has positioned itself as a thriving casino city in a moment. But there are over 20 casinos in London, ranging from the most extravagant to the more relaxed.


Paris, France

Paris is not only known for high fashion, delicious coffee, and baked goods. It’s also a hot spot for nightlife and has some indulgent casinos too.


Berlin, Germany 

Berlin offers a mix of historical buildings as well as modern architecture and has a healthy sprinkling of casinos too. The largest casino is the Spielbank Casino; it boasts over 21 tables and 770 total game machines and is spread over 118,000 sqft.


Lisbon, Portugal 

While Portugal is relatively small, you can live large in Lisbon. The largest casino in Lisbon is Casino Lisboa, which has a huge 650,000 sq ft of casino floor. Not to mention 1,100 gaming machines and 26 tables.

With such a high amount of competition to become the Eu capital for casinos, what does London offer?



It is no secret that London is one of the most visited tourist cities, with over 30 million tourists arriving every year. And while many people come for the museums and art galleries – as well as to soak up some of the luxe London city lifestyles – the casinos and eSports rise has risen too.

No matter your budget and where you are staying in London, you’re never far from one of the casinos packed with history. It makes an ideal night out, and unlike some of the other casino cities in Europe, like Monte Carlo – the locals can also check out the casinos.


UK Gambling rules 

The UK has a long-standing relationship with gambling, which means that they are front runners in gambling legislation that protect both patrons and businesses.

It’s not just their land-based gaming rules that are great; the UK was also the first to implement online gambling rules to keep websites regulated and safe for gamers. So people can safely play online for free slot spins on Virgin Games, head to a local casino, or play the National Lottery.



London has established itself as a hub for eSports and offers some of the biggest events, like the London Games Festival, ICE, The Red Bull Gaming Sphere, and a huge iGaming event called IGBAffiliate. So not only is it a hub for gamers, it offers networking and more for those who run media outlets and more in gambling and iGaming.

The future of the casino industry in London is bright, and it will continue to make huge strides. But its history has given it the insight and drive it needs to move forward.


Legendary London Casinos

Let’s look at the casinos that have pushed London forward, and one day may see London overtake Monte Carlo.



When it comes to history and glamour, this place has it. It was an infamous gentlemen’s club that was founded in 1823 by William Crockford. He managed to move from a fishmonger to owning and running the most opulent and must-be-seen-at clubs in London. Italian and French chefs served delicious dinners. By 1928 it was known as a bridge club, but it never strayed far from its Chemin de fer, blackjack, and poker roots.

A members-only club, for as they put it, ‘discerning players.’


The Berkeley – formerly Esmerelda’s Barn

Without mobsters and gangsters, the casino industry wouldn’t be where it is today – which is as true for London as it is for Las Vegas. Formerly owned by the Kray’s, Esmerelda’s Barn has a real tie to London’s gangster-glam past.

Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, and more frequented the place until they ultimately lost the club. While you won’t find a casino there anymore – it’s part of the tapestry that shows casinos are in the fabric of London.


The London Hippodrome

Modern, chic, and excessive in all of the right ways. The Jackson 5, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra are among those who have graced this building. The casino opened in 2012 and sprawls over an impressive five floors. The ground floor is completely unmissable, thanks to its masterpiece centerpiece.

It offers world-class table gaming and an entire floor dedicated to poker – with Lola’s bar being a speak-easy vibe and The Gods on the fourth floor being every bit as opulent as the name suggests. Not to mention that it boasts the only Dice Table in Central London.

London is in the perfect position to take the European crown for the casino hotspot – and its thriving casino industry is set to keep growing.