London is one of the world’s most exciting and popular tourist cities.

Every year millions of people come to this place to see such monuments as Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben (for more information about it, follow this link: Often tourists have to take large sums of money with them because the holiday in this city is quite expensive. However, this means spending time here with little money is possible.

This article will talk about how to spend a reasonably cheap and, most importantly, fun time in the capital of Great Britain.

Fun Time in London: Where to Visit

If you want to spend a weekend in London as fun and exciting as possible, and most importantly productive, it is worth thinking in advance about where you will go. For example, the first thing you can do is take a walk in this city’s parks because London has many beautiful squares.

You can go to any of them to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the town and restaurants in nature. Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, and Hampton Court Park are just some of London’s most beautiful and famous places. Check out the table below for more fun things to do in Britain’s capital.


Visit a flea market London is known for its flea markets. You can find rare and beautiful things at affordable prices there. For example, Camden Market and Portobello Road Market are two places where every visitor can get an opportunity to find vintage clothes, jewelry, and other interesting items.
Take a tour of the British Museum This place is one of the most important and largest museums in the world with 13 million objects that show and tell about the culture and history of mankind.
Sample local food at Borough Market. This market, which is located in the southern part of the city, is considered one of the largest and oldest food markets in London. Here you can buy the best quality food and products that are grown on British soil.  Here you can find not only fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, cheeses, or fresh pastries, but also real delicacies.
Visit Tower Bridge This is one of London’s most famous bridges and is an engineering masterpiece. It will especially appeal to those who like to experience the thrill, as its floor is made of glass and is completely transparent. Incredibly beautiful photographs and pleasant memories are sure to be provided for those who decide to walk on this bridge.
Walk along the Regent’s Canal It is a historical canal, which is 9 miles long and runs through the center of the city. A walk across it will enable you to enjoy not just beautiful but mesmerizing views of London, as well as see many sights.
Watch the changing ceremony at Buckingham Palace. This usual ceremony takes place daily at 11:00 am at Buckingham Palace, where dressed-up guardsmen take turns at the parish.
Visit Westminster Abbey This is the University Church of England, which has served as the crowning venue for many British monarchs. There are some architectural and artistic works inside the abbey.


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