Q: Hi I’m going to London this weekend with my husband and

one year old son. We want to take the free bus tour (which looks great).
The thing is we usually carry my son in a back carrier – very handy for buses.
Could you tell me if there is a handy park or quiet hotel near the the bus
route that if he was going to sleep for an hour on a blanket we can relax
and have a drink? – I know this is probably a very awkward question.

A: Just one point of clarification as I’d hate you to be disappointed when you

arrived – the bus tour isn’t completely free (you need to buy one day travel
cards for both your husband and yourself, these cost about £3 I think and you
can buy them from most grocers / newsagents and any underground ticket
offices.) But its a lot cheaper than the organised bus tours, which cost
about £16 per adult I think.
To park areas on the bus route: there are many.
Firstly, you have Kensington Gardens, near the Albert Hall. Princess Diana
used to live in a house there, and the gardens are lovely.
Then you also have Trafalgar Square – not exactly grassland but
pedestrianised and a nice place to rest.
And there are also lots of park areas near Tower Hill and along the South
Bank – anywhere along the south side of the Thames, really, between Tower Bridge
and Westminster.
So you should easily spot places to rest when you are on the bus tour, and
simply jump off at the next stop, etc.