There is no denying the fact that London is one of those historical cities in the world, rich with culture, and with its fair share of mysteries and tales. Of course, some of the myths are quite believable, while we really think that some of them are nothing but just tall tales.

Still, we think that they are all worth sharing. Below, we give you some of the crazy urban myths from across London. If these manage to amaze you, then make sure that you save your online casinos prizes and visit the city in the near future.

Hitler Was Apparently Going To Buy A Home In South London

We are sure that you are aware of the fact that Balham is one of the places that earmarked the Nazi dictatorship. This is because the Nazis had their headquarters in London. Because of that, it’s pretty clear that the place has always been, and still is, appealing.

Now, people claim that Adolph Hitler had actually chosen a large block of flats that he wanted. The flats, known as Du Cane Court, had a design that apparently appealed to the dictator. It’s because of the design that Hitler wanted to acquire the block of flats. Of course, this hasn’t been proven to be true as there is no evidence supporting it.

Another of those crazy rumors is that the Senate House in London had been targeted for use as Führer’s HQ. Those who started the rumor stated that it was because of that that the Senate House was left unscathed during the Blitz. Again, these rumors haven’t been substantiated.

London’s Survival is Dependent on ‘Heart of London’

It is claimed that ‘Heart of London,’ which is an ancient landmark in the city, determines London’s survival just like how some real money online pokies determine the future of gambling. This myth was created back in the 18th century and we really think that’s all it is; a myth.

Of course, just like the many other myths, there is no evidence, although the London Stone can be found today in the British Museum.