Every once in a while, it is nice to cross the pond to visit our French neighbours. It has the great benefit of being close and is also accessible by ferry.

Here are a few ideas to help you make the decision to go on a quick trip and refill the missing energy necessary for your work.


Let’s go Camping!

If you really want to enjoy your time away, then you need to book an all-inclusive camping in Brittany. It is the one solution that will provide all the excitement you need, while not having to plan anything. On the campground, you will be able to enjoy the pool complex, the sports activities, the restaurants, the concerts…

In other words, you will benefit from all the activities you could want, in one single location. If resting is what you really need, you never even have to leave the site, between the moment you arrive and when you go back home. That is certainly the best idea for a quick getaway.



Stay on the Coast or visit the Countryside

Another advantage of camping grounds is that you can choose to stay on the coast to enjoy the beach, or in the countryside, to completely remove yourself from any thoughts of home. Some locations also provide access to lake, for those who prefer the cool water on a hot summer day. Camping in Brittany can be done in 5-star campgrounds, for those that like to stay in luxury, wherever they go.

You can watch the moon through a clear sky, as you stay away from cities and bathe under the sun, on the beach, the next day.


Visit Unique Sites

Brittany possesses a unique charm. Ask the French, and they will tell you themselves that the culture of the region is particularly strong, as it is highly influenced by their Celtic roots. And although they speak French, they also have their own dialect. Their cuisine is famously known worldwide, thanks to their “crêpes Bretonnes,” which you have to try, at least once, during your stay.

But there is also lots to see in Brittany. Here are a few places you should stop by.



French castles are quite different then the ones we find in the UK. This one was built in the 15th Century as part of the defense system of the region. It is one of the most important attractions in Brittany, bringing over more than 200,000 visitors, each year. You can walk around the park for free, but you also shouldn’t miss out on entering into the manor, for a visit and to discover the various exhibits that it holds, at different times of the year.



Found inside another castle, this museum offers its visitors a view of over 17 centuries of naval history. It places Brest arsenal on display and talks about the ocean-going fleets. The walls of the museum are worth seeing in themselves, as it is located inside a medieval fortress. Once you are done with the tour, take a walk around the city of Brest and enjoy a great dinner in one of its wonderful French restaurants.