Do you tire from being out of money all the time? Are you finding it difficult to manage the allowance your guardians give you? Do you feel as if your shoes are bad and your dress code is poor? Are you running on an empty stomach? As a student, are you finding life hard to cope with?

I have good news for you, there are a lot of student discounts you can take advantage of. These discount facilities will make your life and stay here enjoyable. I am going to take you through the list of discounts that are available for you. Therefore, take your time and have a look at the following discounts:

Discounts for Restaurants and Cafes


The biggest expense that a student has, is food. It takes a huge chunk of your budget and if you are not careful, you may go broke. There are many outlets in London that offer discounts for students. Here are a few:

  • 50% discount in Absurd Bird – take advantage of this offer and enjoy tasty meals with American flavors. The discounts run throughout the day, you can pop in when you are free. This will help you reduce the amount you spend on meals. And as a friend of mine, Richard Thompson, who works in the says:” there is a 50% discount for students in an Absurd Bird, now I want to be a student again”.
  • 20% discount in a Hard Rock Cafe – They have one of the best student discounts the UK has to offer. Visit any of their cafes and enjoy your meal while listening to beautiful music. If you are a holder of any of these cards ITIC, ISIC and IYTC you can enjoy the discount. But, the discount is not applicable to drinks.
  • 40% discount in a Café Rouge Hampstead – Enjoy delicious Burgers, Croquet and Baguettes and pay 40% less the price. The offer is valid for students with NUS and student IDs.

Discounts for Writing Services

As a student, you have a lot of assignments that you need to do. In most instances, you do not have enough time to work on each one. Essays, in particular, need a lot of time to work on. Most students do not like writing because we find it to be boring. Some feel that their writing skills are not good. Still, others do not have good grasp of the English language to write a good paper. This causes them to look for help over the internet from essay writing services. These services do not come cheap and at times they strain your budget.

I have great news for you, now you do not need to endure the full price of essay writing services due to great discounts. Most writing companies are offering discounts on essays. Get on the internet and search for a company that is offering a discount. Let them take the work of your hands while you sit back and relax. Make sure to take advantage of this while the offer lasts.

Discounts for sightseeing

Is it your first time in London? Do you have an adventurous spirit? Would you like to go sightseeing and see what London has to offer? Have a look at these best student discount UK available.

  • 15 % student discount on the ticket to the London Eye – The offer is available when you buy your ticket from STA travel agency.
  • 50 % student discount on entrance to Royal Botanic Gardens Kew – These gardens are a UNESCO world heritage. If you love nature, pay a visit.
  • Only £20 for ‘Thriller Live’ at the Lyric Theatre – Purchase your ticket at this cheap price and go and enjoy the music.


Bank Incentives and Discounts for students

Are you operating a bank account? If not, are you looking to open one? Do you have any idea of any bank offering the best discounts for students in London? If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself, here are some incentives that will interest you:

  • Interest-free overdrafts – Banks have a lot of interests in students because you are their future customers. Most banks offer interest-free overdrafts to students. These overdrafts vary with most starting at £1,000 and going up to £3,000. Some of the banks with competitive overdrafts rate are HSBC and Nationwide Bank.
  • Travel discounts – Banks are offering these discounts to entice students to bank with them. This is a good facility to take advantage of because it will help you save a lot of money. A bank like Santander is offering a free 16-25 Railcard that lasts for a period of four years. You will save a third every time you use a train to travel. The National Express coach card by NatWest saves you a third of all your travels by coach.

You can benefit from a bank in different ways. If you are using custom essay writing services, it is easier for you to make your payment through the bank. Making payments for items on online sites like Amazon and eBay has become easier thanks to banks. So, explore these facilities and use banks to make your student life easier.

Discounts for entertainment/media

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I know you are familiar with this phrase. Entertainment will help you relax, here are some discounts that may benefit you:

  • Apple Music – £4.99 is what you need to pay for monthly membership as a student. This is half the price that Apple charges for membership.
  • Spotify Premium – Download and listen to music for half the price of monthly membership.
  • The Guardian – They are offering 80% off for any digital subscription.
  • Cineworld – They are offering discounts for tickets which students purchase.

In conclusion, college students have a lot of challenges to deal with in the course of their study. One of the major challenges is how to manage the little money they have. It is the first time that most of them are managing finances on their own. However, many companies are coming up with discounts and incentives which are making life easier.

Banks are playing a major role by giving interest-free overdrafts to help cater for your needs when you run out of money. There are loads of great offers to help you save some cash on travel expenses. Do not worry about food. You can enjoy delicious meals in classy restaurants that offer discounts to students. Release stress by going out to theatres for musicals at student prices.

Take advantage of these London discounts while they last and make life as a student enjoyable and easy.

If you’re looking for more ways of saving money, also check out this site.