A group of 48 adults and children are visiting London in June for 2 days we would like the children to see many of the main attractions in London. I cannot find a map that shows the distances between some of the attractions as some of the children are only 5 we need to know if the distances are to great for them to walk.

A: You didn’t mention any specific attractions, but I can give you a rough indication of distances by “bus stops” between some places that might be of interest to kids, and if you assume 100 yards between stops, you might be able to do an assessment of total walking distance.

Big Ben to London Eye = 1 stop, ie. across the bridge
Big Ben to Westminster Abbey = less than a stop, basically the other side of the square
Big Ben to Houses of Parliament = same stop (Big Ben is attached to H of P, in case you don’t know)
Big Ben to Buckingham Palace = about 200 yards walk, through St James Park
Big Ben to Number 10 = just over one stop
Number 10 to Horse guards = one stop
Horse guards to Trafalgar Square = one stop
Trafalgar Square to Piccadilly Circus / leicester square = two to three stops
Piccadilly Circus to Hamleys toy shop = two stops
Are there any other places you have in mind for them to see?
Effectively, if you can get the kids to Westminster underground its fairly easy walking from there (you emerge at ground level opposite or next to Big Ben.)

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  1. Follow-up question:

    a few other plces that people have shown an interest in visiting are. 1.london eye, 2 tower of london, 3madame tussards 4 buckingham palace, 5 parliment, 6 harrods, 7 london dungeon 8 science museum 9 westminister abbey.

    London Eye is simply across the bridge from Big Ben, so easy walking distance.

    Parliament (houses of) is attached to Big Ben.

    Westminster Abbey is about 100 yards from Big Ben, around Parliament Square.

    A little trickier: Buckingham Palace is on the other side of St James Park. Easiest to walk there from parliament Square, probably – or down the Mall from trafalgar Square (longer way).

    More trickier (!)
    Tower of London is 7 stops away on the Circle / District line from Westminster underground. A long way to walk there.

    London Dungeon is on Tooley Street, 2 stops from Westminster via jubiliee line. Get the tube to London Bridge, then when you emerge, ask someone as its a bit of a trickey station with lots of exits! The dungeon is a short walk from the Tooley st exit.

    Even more tricker:
    Madame Tussards – probably get the tube there, but hard to give direction unless I know where you might be coming from. Its basically a short walk from Baker Street station.

    Harrods: get tube to knightsbridge

    Science Museum : get tube to south Kensington station, then its a reasonable walk there

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