can I pay in Euro in London and do I need an adapter for electrical sockets and which voltage do they have ?

A: in some of the major shops you can pay in Euro, but most only take sterling. Yes, you will also probably need to bring an adaptor (not sure where you will be travelling from?) as the continental Europe and US plugs are different in shape.

I think the voltage is, however, the same as my UK electrical stuff always works fine with an adaptor in those places.

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  1. The voltage in the UK is 240V US voltage is 120V.

    So if it has a power adapter (laptops ect) check the bottom of the addapeter and there should be a sticker on ther saying the exact range of voltage that it can take.

    If it doesn’t have and addapter and is a motor (like a electric razor) you can expect it to let the magic white smoke out….

    The razor is a bad example tho because most hotels/hostels have a switch in the bathroom where you can change one plug (only that plug tho) from 230v to 115V which works just fine for the razors you still need a converter plug to plug into the socket tho.

    Hope that helps


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