London is one of the most enchanting cities worldwide in many ways.

It has a little bit of everything, from entertainment to culture to commerce. But what attracts many tourists to this cultural hub every year are the electrifying festivals held and the myriad opportunities to explore the city in the truest sense of the word.

Whether you’re into food, music, or comedy, London won’t fall short of expectations if you make some research and plan several details in advance. Whether you live in the United Kingdom or come from other parts of the world, you need to acknowledge several essential information. This guide will walk you through the most exciting festivals in London and the tips to prepare for your trip here.



Planning the trip

When you visit a new city, you likely have several questions in mind, like what accommodation you should book, how you’ll get around, and what other opportunities its geographical position offers in terms of exploration. Well, one of the most considerable charms of the UK’s capital is that despite being a bustling metropolis, it resembles a conglomerate of villages where no borough resembles another.

Therefore, you’ll have plenty of accommodation options to meet your needs, whether you want to splash the cash for a luxurious trip, travel on a budget, or want to experience the city like a Londoner.

Since you’re in Europe and have many opportunities to immerse yourself in thrilling experiences, you may want to stretch your dollar further and expand your trip to visit other cultural cities or attend other summer festivals. Exploring other cities or neighbouring countries is easy since you only need to pack a few essentials and get a plane ticket.

If your festival-centric itinerary includes more cities and events, undoubtedly, your journey will feel like a palpitating race. The last thing you want is to arrive late at the airport, agitated, confused, and short of time to find the right gate.

If you’re travelling to London to attend The 1975 concert on the 2nd of July, visit the city’s landmarks, and then head to another festival like the EXIT on the 6th of July in Serbia or simply return to take your car and go home, you need to plan several details, like where and how you’ll park your vehicle at the airport. In this regard, you can use Heathrow airport parking if you want a place where your car is safe until you return.

Last but not least, let’s remember that the weather in the United Kingdom is unpredictable. Festivals are held outside, so packing garments you can layer and combine effortlessly would be wise.

Now, the cherry on the cake – festivals!


Festival Republic hosting The 1975

1975 rose to fame with songs like “Chocolate” and “Sex,” becoming big names in the indie and rock music industry. The band initially planned a concert in London in 2020, but it got cancelled due to the pandemic.

This year, however, you can immerse yourself in their music as the band has announced their most fantastic UK show ever in Finsbury Park, accompanied by a fascinating line-up of acts.

Cigarettes After Sex is another famous band that will take the city by storm alongside The 1975. The event starts on the 2nd of July and has a capacity of over 40,000.

As part of their tour, the band has announced another gig in Ireland on the 7th of June. If you live in London and want to attend that, you can leave your car at Stansted parking to enjoy the concert knowing it is taken care of while you’re away.


London’s Wing Fest

London’s Wing Fest awakens the foodie within you and transforms the London Stadium into a paradise with delicious food, fine bourbon, and beer. It encompasses three sessions spread over two days, and you can choose different days.

The event starts on the 16th at London Stadium and will gather 40 contestants competing in Best Buffalo Wing and Best Wild Wing. Expect to see fierce cooking demonstrations, crazy shows, and even DJs as the sun goes down. Are you ready to spice things up?


All Points East

All Points East’s return to Victoria Park will take place from the 18th August – 28th August.

The festival dedicates a whole day to a single artist for the first time. Friday 18th is the festival’s first day and is wholly reserved for Stormzy, London’s grime king. Other important names rocking the stage are The Strokes, HAIM, Jungle, Field Day, Nieve Ella, Girls in Red, and Dermot Kennedy.


Mighty Hoopla

Mighty Hoopla is famous for presenting the best representatives of the UK’s pop and queer culture. The line-up includes big names like Vengaboys, Years and Years, Kelis, and Kelly Rowland. It takes place in Brockwell Park and spreads over the 3rd and 4th of June.



We Are FSTVL is a dance music festival that will startle the participants with two days full of techno, urban, bass, garage, grime, and house.

This year, it celebrates its 10th anniversary since its inception in 2013. This award-winning event is a must-attend for tech lovers, so if you seek festivals that will leave your ears thudding for days, you shouldn’t miss it! The festival takes place at Damyns Hall Aerodrome in Essex, just an hour from London by car.


The London Bierfest

If you seek a different experience when the temperatures get lower, you can attend the London Bierfest. It takes place in Old Billingsgate Market, near London Bridge, and gathers around 2,500 participants every year.

It will transform the setting into a beer festival in the Bavarian style, encompassing delicious German catering, unlimited steins, live music, and other entertainment opportunities. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, and you get to explore a significant landmark in London.


As you can see, London offers many opportunities to have fun and immerse yourself in thrilling activities while meeting like-minded people. These are a handful of festivals that are worth your attention this year.