Q: I am visiting London with 12 Dutch bilingual teenagers, (15-16 yrs) the week before Christmas. I would love to hear of any suitable (Christmassy) events during that week on top of the usual. Especially the ‘for free’ things. We are already planning St.Pauls Evensong. But I am short on any disco (ok, with a fee) or ‘cool’ items in London during that week. I hope you can help me.

A: There are bound to be loads of christmassy events happening the week before Christmas in London. I’d suggest looking at the following web sites for ideas. You might need to keep visiting them over the next few weeks, as new things get added.

Time Out
Lists lots of events including music, theatre and film. The free stuff isn’t listed separately, however.
London Free List
Not the best designed web site you’ll ever see but nice and practical. It lists free events, enough said!
All in London
Provides a nice list of events that are totally or partly free.
Visit London
Free events and exhibitions.