If you want to get fit, but still want to keep some cash in your bank account, there is a way. You do not need an expensive gym membership or a home gym if you want to get the body of your dreams. Actually, you can get it for free! From running, group training, and outdoor gyms, there are many ways to shape your body in the capital without spending any money. Here are some ideas. 


London city runners

This is the biggest free running group in London. The best thing about the London city runners club is that it is open for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro runner. The only thing that you will need is running shoes, and you are good to go. If you are not sure which running shoes to get, you can find the best running shoes that are going to provide you with comfort and speed to fuel your runs on Walk Jog Run. 

London city runners group take place three times per week (Tuesday evening, Thursday evening, and Sunday morning). On every run, they have three different speed groups, which you can find here. 


Our Parks

Are you ready to ‘Turn up and tone up?’. This is the motto of this great initiative that brings free fitness classes to local parks. Qualified instructors lead our Parks classes, and they are divided into groups by the intensity of the workout. There are many classes from running, HIIT, boxing, and even street dance and tennis. You can find all the classes available on their website. There are 100 instructors at Our Parks, and the group size for each class is 30. These fitness classes are really popular and usually full, so make sure to book ahead online. 


Sweaty Betty’s 

Did you know that Sweaty Betty stores have been hosting free fitness classes for about ten years? They have around 70 classes that you can choose from, like yoga, HIIT, dance, and plenty more – which you can find on their website. Just like Our Parks, they have limited spots, and they get filled quite quickly, so always book ahead – even a week ahead, just to make sure that you can find the spot. 


London Friday Night Skate

If you are in love with skating, London Friday Night Skate is the place to be. But keep in mind that it is aimed for more skilled skaters, because it includes a lot of sprints and hills. Skating night begins at 8 pm each Friday night (obviously) in Hyde Park. If you are a beginner skater, and you would like to add a bit of socialising into your skating days, you can do so every Sunday from Serpentine Road in Hyde Park at 2 pm. This is a slower and easier stroll, made to be fun and keep you fit. 


Sky ride

Maybe you like to ride your bike in groups, or you are interested in visiting some parts of the city where you never rode before, well SkyRide is constantly updating their routes in the UK and London. These group bike rides are free and made for any level, so if you are a newbie or a pro, you are welcome! But, you can also bring your child, because many rides are child-friendly, so you can make these rides a family exercise time. Not only do you get a bit of fresh air and exercise, but you get to spend some quality time with your child.