London is the most expensive city in the United Kingdom to visit, and for that reason, it is vitally important for visitors who are on a budget to look at cheaper or free options to enjoy while they are in the capital.

The abundance of options which are available in the city means that it is possible to be in the city for the whole day and not pay entrance fees on any of the sightseeing while also being entertained at the same time.


Enjoy Street Performers

 The art of busking is as relevant today as it has ever been. The quality of the singers on show on the streets around the capital and on subways are similar to what you could expect to pay to enter a bar and restaurant for a live gig. At one point or another, superstars such as Ed Sheeran, Rod Stewart and George Michael all spent time busking on the streets of London, and while the street performers nowadays aren’t guaranteed to reach the same level as those performers; they do enjoy broadening their audience singing for the people in London.

The best area of London to see the highest-quality is Covent Garden. This isn’t necessarily because of the location but instead because there are so many buskers around this area they do have to stand out more than most in order to get more attention.


Borough Market

 Although we can’t promise you will walk out of Borough Market with a full wallet, it is entirely free to enter. It is the perfect place for a lunch spot with fresh pasta, meats and coffee all on offer here. Just how much you will spend here is dependent on how hungry you are when you enter the market. The market is open all week and offers every kind of food that you can think of. Surrounding the market are a wide selection of pubs, but in the market, you will find your curiosity explored to the widest areas.

It is the perfect place to meet up with friends or take a second to yourself. You can opt to order some food before relaxing and scrolling down social media or enjoying your favourite casino games with the help of It is the ultimate pit-stop on a day of activities in the capital.


Visit the Houses of Parliament

 Westminster is a rather busy place at present with the ongoing political deadlock surrounding Brexit. However, with that come daily rallies with interesting characters, while there are also ongoing protests surrounding climate change, which could also interest visitors to the city. If you wanted to go into the famous building you would have to pay for a tour, but you can, however, get in for free if you request a ticket from your local MP.

You can instead opt to queue up and wait for a chance to see into the House of Commons or Lords on the public viewing galleries. However, be aware there are rigorous security checks before you will get anywhere near the front door.