Be it for work, residence, or tourism, London is an incredibly popular city. Rife with culture, sightseeing, and recreational activities, London is enjoyed by millions of people every year, with its networks of overground trains, underground trains, and buses making it very easy for people to explore England’s capital city. However, for what London has boasted in travel connectivity, it has historically lacked in internet connectivity.

Being the hub of the UK, people assume that Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity is a given across the entirety of London, but there have been some distinctly lacking areas. It is only this year that Transport for London will be rolling out 4G coverage at underground stations to accompany the available Wi-Fi services. Even then, however, the networks will only be accessible from stations.

But why is it so important for London to continue to enhance its connectivity, and what internet connectivity services can we make the most of now?

Enhanced connectivity for business


Compared to many parts of England, including major cities, London is manic during the work week. People are rushing around to make it to the next train or tube or are sprinting to get to meetings in time. Something that may help to alleviate some of the rush would be to have increased internet connectivity – especially on the underground.

The need to be connected to the internet is at an all-time high. For business, you’re expected to be able to see and respond to emails in a matter of minutes. Responding late to a message or email in a competitive scene like London, especially if plans change and you need to head in a different direction, could harm your reputation or put your job on the line. While many network providers offer Wi-Fi at stations and platforms, Wi-Fi on the tube itself would be of huge benefit for those looking to clear their inboxes at the start or end of their day.

Enhanced connectivity for tourists


As a tourist, using the internet is crucial to making the whole experience of visiting London as enjoyable as possible. Having strong and free connectivity to the internet enhances the experience of visiting London, with it being the go-to resource for communication, directions, translations, and entertainment.

While tourists can connect to free Wi-Fi in many London locations, the city can still improve. So that tourists aren’t encumbered by the language barrier or a lack of knowledge of the area, delivering high-quality, readily available, and preferably free internet should be a priority.

Enhanced connectivity for entertainment


When visiting London, there’s a lot to do, but the city’s offerings are fairly spread out, meaning that tourists will most likely need to turn to the uncomfortable and often lengthy route of public transport to see many of the top attractions. Another pro to delivering free Wi-Fi on the tube, outside of the realm of business, is that people can use their time travelling to have some fun.

With access to the internet, people will be able to play online mobile app games while travelling. However, if the connection is poor, frustrations will rise in games that need a good connection, such as battle royale titles like Fortnite. This is especially true for online casino platforms where you cannot afford to lose your connection, such as Aspers, where you can play 88 Fortunes online among other titles. Providing a strong internet connection across the city would allow commuters and tourists to keep spirits high, regardless of how uncomfortable the transport may be.

Being connected to the internet at all times has become a necessity for many and is particularly helpful when exploring a vast city like London. As London continues to improve its connectivity, more people will be able to enjoy themselves at all times, even when making use of public transport.