Q: I`m visiting london on september 4th because in the up-coming months I have an appointment at the american embassy in london to get my visa to go back to america,so I just basically need to know how far it is from the national express coach station at victoria station to the embassy on foot as I`ll be walking,and if there are any cheap hotels nearby as I may have to stop over..thankyou for your time There are quite a few cheap hotels around Victoria, on the roads surrounding the station. I’ve not stayed in any but I think there is also an accommodation booth in the station concourse.
A: I think you should probably allow half hour to walk from Victoria to the American embassy (its in grosvenor square, isn’t it??) To get there, I’d go from victoria across St James park (passing the front of Buckingham palace), up to Piccadilly, cross and then go up old Park Lane and Audley Street.