London is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. There is a lot that many love and that many hate about London. But we are London lovers and we truly love as well as admire the great city in the United Kingdom. And because we love it so much, we even look for special themed online casino games to make sure that we can take as much of the city as possible. Also, because we love it so much, we decided to dig up some pretty interesting facts about London that will blow your mind away.

Facts About London

Interesting Street Names

No matter where you are in the world, you will come across some pretty awkward street names. But we have to say the street names in London do take the cup. Some of the most bizarre street names that you will find in London include Cock Lane in Farringdon. But some street names like Pissing Alley, Shiteburn Lane and Gropecunt Lane were so bad they had to be changed.

London Classifies as a forest

Who knew that one of the most iconic cities in the world doubled up as a forest as well? London has so many trees that it classifies to be called a forest within the United Nations definition of a forest. To add to that, London has its own official Forestry Conservator. According to, there are online slots based on this.

Impact of the Great Fire

The Great Fire of London was recorded to be one of the most catastrophic events other than the world war that the city ever faced. The Great Fire of London that lasted for four days from the 2nd of September 1666 to the 6th of September destroyed 13 000 houses, 80 churches and leftover 100 000 people homeless.

The 1814 Tidal Wave of Beer

Swimming in beer has been the dream for many, many people around the world. In 1814 when London had a beer flood, that dream was suddenly turned into a scary event as it killed 8 people. The London Beer Flood was caused when the Meaux & Company Brewery exploded.