Q: Hello… First off, I VERY much enjoy and appreciate your excellent web site. Not so the sites for National Express bus or British Rail. On 10 March I would like to come to London from the vicinity of Fordingbridge, Hampshire, and spend a day taking your wonderful bus tour. To take the bus would occupy half the day getting there and returning. Apparently there are not really any express busses. I can get nothing but errors from the British Rail web site. Any advice? Which station should I aim for, in London, by train or bus, to be closest to a stop on your tour? Waterloo, perhaps? What would you do about this situation? Thank you VERY much for any help with vexing problem. I have been to England several times but have not visited London before.

Location USA

A: I’m not very familiar with the area where you will be staying but from google maps, it appears you might be near Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst.

If so, then I believe you could get a train into Waterloo, which would be fine for joining the bus tour.

From Waterloo, you could actually walk to the London Eye – and begin the bus tour by joining the number 12 at Westminster.