Is your next holiday destination London, England? Are you looking to make the absolute most of your time and ensure you see all the top attractions? If so, a bus tour could be the best way to experience what London has to offer. The itineraries make sure to hit up all the top spots, plus there are usually a few hidden gems to discover along the way. This guide to London’s top bus tours is sure to help make your holiday a memorable one.

Hop On, Hop Off London Bus Tours – Delivering Flexibility and Choices

If you’re the type that doesn’t necessarily like the idea of a pre-planned itinerary but still likes the idea of a bus tour, then the Hop On, Hop Off tours are ideal. What happens on these tours is that the buses follow a planned route and you have the option to get on and get off the bus wherever you like. You simply purchase a ticket that is valid for one or two days and then use it as often as you want.

Not only does it allow you to choose what you do and don’t want to see, it’s also cost-effective since you won’t need to rent a car or use a taxi, and you won’t have to worry about finding parking as you go.

Red London Bus Tour – A Vintage Way to Sightsee

When you think of London it’s inevitable that you also envision a red two-storey bus. So why not get that vintage feel with the Red London Bus Tour, which is aboard an iconic double-decker red bus. This tour is 3.5 hours long and hits all the top spots. You’ll get to visit Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London, and more.

The tour even includes a cruise on the River Thames. The tour operates all year round but uses a different schedule depending on the time of year you visit.

Night Tours – See the City from a Whole Different View Point

Another fun way to tour the city is on a night bus tour. The city will look completely different once night has fallen and all the lights come on. You can check out all the top landmarks, plus discover what London’s nightlife is really like. There are a variety of tours to choose from, all with different schedules and pricing.

Don’t Forget Accommodations

Because it is easy to get wrapped up in the sightseeing and itinerary planning, the hotel accommodations can be pushed to the side. London is a very busy and popular destination for tourists, so with that said you want to try to book as far in advance as possible. In order to save a little money and find cheap London hotels, you can check out the HotelsCombined website. This website is able to compare all the top travel sites in one quick search, allowing you to find the best pricing possible.

Now that you’ve got a few different options to choose from, you’re ready to discover London and all its most popular attractions.