Every single year, hundreds of thousands of people decide to make the move and relocate to London from other areas within the UK and from overseas. If you’re looking to move to London, it’s definitely advisable to choose a fully accredited removals company just like Hunt Removals & Storage. Moving to London can be a fantastic decision for many families and businesses that are looking to be in the centre of the hustle and bust and live city life.


Many people move to London for different reasons. Whether it’s for family reasons, student life or to expand your growing business, it’s a fantastic choice. With an ever-growing population and the capital showing no signs of slowing down in terms of population, there’s never been a better time than now to move to London.


Why Move to London?

As well as the hustle and business of city life, there are a multitude of other reasons why you may want to move to London. The capital attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every single year as many people travel to see the stunning sights, architecture and history. Even better, you are at the centre of UK life with a million and one thing to do. Boredom will never be a thing again. Whether it’s a spontaneous trip to Big Ben or attending world-class craftsmanship displays, there really is something for everyone.


Although business and living costs may be higher in London when compared to other areas and cities in the UK, the standard of living is drastically higher and so are the wages. London truly is the hub for job opportunities and investment opportunities. It is the home of many headquarters of many global businesses and opportunity is almost limitless for businesses looking to thrive.


Other exciting reasons to move to London include;-

  • Food scene is fast!
  • Great educational opportunities.
  • Big and beautiful parks.
  • Rich literary history.
  • Extensive history.
  • World-class music scene.


Most Popular Places To Live In London

There are so many places to Live in London and where you want to live may depend on what you’re looking for as a family or business. For example, we highly recommend Lewisham for nature lovers and people that want to be surrounded by nature reserves and the countryside. For students, we recommend Islington as the number one place to live in London as this is where the main universities are located and within close proximity too. To summarise the best places to live in London, we recommend the following;-

  • For Students – Islington
  • For Families – Richmond
  • For Nature Lovers – Lewisham
  • For Affordability – Bexley
  • For Food Lovers – Shoreditch


Preparing To Move To London

Moving to London in the near future? Once you have decided on your location and property, the next step is to choose a reputable and fully accredited removal company that can manage every aspect of the move for you. Whether you are moving business property or from a house, hiring a professional removals company is one sure way to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible, minimising stress and hassle. If you are are already currently based in London, or on the outskirts and you are relocating to another area within London or surrounding areas, we recommend Hunt Removals & Storage as they are able to provide and carry out all the following services;-


  • Domestic removals.
  • Office and commercial removals.
  • Packaging materials and containers.
  • Full packing list itemised.
  • Storage solutions.
  • Part and full loading services.
  • Sole use containers.
  • And much more!