If you have been wondering where to go when you visit London, well there are plenty of places that you can visit. The best part about this is that some of these are either free or very cheap. Here are some historic churches that you can visit.


Westminster Abbey

The church was built by Edward the Confesso. The church has a lot of history; there are many people who were buried in the church. William the Conqueror was crowned in the church in 1066. Those that were buried in the church include Henry III, Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I, James I, and Charles II among others.  Maybe after checking brand new casino sites in London, you can take a tour and visit Westminster Abbey for cool photos.


St Pauls Cathedral

The church that is currently on the site was built in 1675. The church was however founded in 604. The church is the second lar0gest in the world. The first structure o9f the church was destroyed by the great fire. After the great fire destroyed 5the church construction o9f the structure that exists to date started 10 years later. Building the church took 200 years. Charles and Diana’s wedding took place in this church.


Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral is the oldest building that you will find in Southwark. The church was founded in 860 by St Swithun, it was then known as Church of St Mary Overie. In 1213, there was a fire that engulfed the church and two rounded Norman arches which survived the fire were found. You will also get to see William Shakespeare’s statue inside the church. It was declared a cathedral in 1905.

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Templar Church

The church was named after the order of the knights. This order was established in 1118 in order to protect the pilgrims. The knights built their first church in 1162. They were then discredited in the 14th century and the temple was leased to lawyers. They became tenants until Henry VIII assumed the property. It would be nice to visit this historic church.