London is one of the world’s most popular cities for tourists to visit. While the capital of England is undeniably a top tourist attraction, London’s high living costs often means that visitors will have to pay large amounts of money to enjoy even the most basic sights of the city.

Thankfully, there are many tips and tricks you can put to good use to enjoy London on a budget. So here’s a quick guide to the best ways to visit the capital without spending all of your money in just a couple of hours.

If you are planning to live in London, here are some ideas on how to manage your money when here.

And if you need some extra cash while visiting, check out these tips.


Use promo codes and promotional offers

Many industries like tourism, retail and gaming are using promotional codes as a way of introducing special offers. On the internet, this is a very common technique used by different companies to try and attract new customers. Steam, the gaming platform has a specials section on their store where gamers can find all types of games on promotion. Another big one is iGaming, where online casinos frequently use bonus codes and other promotions for casino gaming fans. The Bet365 promo code is very popular in the UK for the way it can boost an individual’s betting funds, and is a great example.

In terms of visiting London, there are plenty of popular voucher code websites like Groupon who frequently have some great deals on. These can do things like get you 15% off a bus tour or even 10% off a trip to the Tower of London. Just remember that all of these promo code deals will have strict expiry times so be sure to plan exactly you are going to use them.

We should also mention the fact that many websites will give you special passes that can give you a discount to a number of landmarks and museums. For example, the London Pass allows you to visit over 80 popular attractions at a fraction of the overall cost.


Walking to avoid the crowds

While you’ll always find tourists packed around popular areas such as Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus, such places are well known for being hugely expensive. So unless you want to spend huge amounts of money on a cup of coffee, we’d recommend heading to some less popular but no less lovely parts of the city.

There’s plenty to be enjoyed from strolling around the leafy areas of Chelsea, Notting Hill or Chiswick. But if you want a more exciting time, then hitting the bars and cafes around Hackney and Stoke Newington can be great fun. This will show you what London is really like at a fraction of the cost.

The same goes for travel. While everybody should experience travelling on the London Underground at least once, we’d definitely recommend taking some great walks around the city instead.

Many visitors to London are surprised about what a fun place it is to walk around which is something that can’t be said for taking the tube at rush hour. This is especially true if you walk through some of the city’s most picturesque parks with Hyde Park, Regent’s Park and St James’ Park being among the best.

However, if you have to see the city’s biggest sites, we’d recommend timing it carefully. So if you want the ultimate selfie in front of Westminster Abbey or Buckingham Palace, then make sure that you get there before 10am.


Enjoy free museum visits in London

Although many of London’s most famous attractions have quite high entry costs, there are plenty of great museums that can be visited completely free of charge.

For example, the British Museum is a fascinating place to spend some time exploring some of the world’s most important historical and cultural artefacts, and what’s best is that it’s completely free. Bear in mind that some temporary exhibitions will have an entry charge.

But it doesn’t stop there, as there are plenty more free museums in London to discover. From the legendary V&A Museum to the stunning Natural History Museum, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of culture and history on display that won’t cost you a single penny.