The bright lights of London are ones that attract millions of holidaymakers each year as countless tourists visit the nation’s capital to visit such historic landmarks as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral.

But it’s not just the buildings that are steeped in history that are so attractive to people who are considering a trip to London. There are also the countless forms of entertainment that are available across both night and day.


And there is one form that perfectly encompasses a whole 24 hours of any given day, that being the Casino. An establishment of this nature is one that is rarely ever closed, meaning that you can try your luck against the house whenever is convenient for you.

Be it a spin of the roulette wheel or a flip of the cards on Blackjack, there is no doubting that playing in the Casino offers an incredible thrill. A thrill that can be made all the more exciting should you manage to strike it rich and come out on top.

However, being in the Casino can also be thirsty work especially as the tension ramps up after putting all your chips on Black. Something that could mean you end up spending a large amount of your travel money on liquid refreshments.

But did you know that there is actually a way to keep hold of your money, or at least spend it on more gambling-based pursuits and it is in no small part down to the Casino’s themselves who are going the extra mile in customer care.


As of late Casinos have identified that the more content a customer is in their establishment the more likely they are to spend money, this is a rule that applies whether you are someone who is on holiday and looking to have a wild night out during your stay or if you are a regular patron.

The aim now is to make the trip to the Casino something more akin to an experience, this means creating something of a warmer environment and one that will then go on to make their customers feel more at ease.

One way to do that is to offer their clientele some complimentary free drinks while they are in the pursuit of riches. Not only does this come across as a warm gesture from the Casino but there is every chance that a drop of alcohol may make their customers more willing to gamble.

With every gambler either professional or amateur, there is always an element of risk vs reward that they have to weigh up. Do they go for broke or do they consider a more cautious approach when gambling?

If you are someone who has a disposition of the latter, then it could well be that those inhibitions are loosened once you’ve had your first Whisky and Coke of the evening and that means that any cautious nature that you may have had previously had would have now subsided.

Therefore, the free drink acts as a loss leader for the Casino, what they lose in the cost of the drink is more often than not earned back due to the increased spend by the people that have taken advantage of their generosity.


The same can be said in regard to food, if you’ve had a long stint at the Poker table then you are certainly going to be hungry and just like there are many forms of entertainment available in London, there are also a wide choice of restaurants on offer.

Now the Casino’s aim here is to make sure that you do not leave their premises and instead eat in their restaurant. The way to do that is provide offers on main meals, so that their custom is continued under their roof.

This all ties into to adding to the experience, once you set foot through the door then why would you need to leave. You have the thrill that the many games on offer will provide and you certainly wouldn’t go hungry in an establishment such as these.

From the Casino’s point of view, there aim is to make sure that people stay for as long as possible as once they have left then the chances are that custom is lost for the day or if it is a holidaymaker then it could well be forever. This is a different approach to online casinos which have many more opportunities to contact players by mobile, email or post to get them to return to play instead of relying on footfall past the casino.


Therefore, they know they can offset the cost of food and beverages into their business model to make sure their profits are still highly stacked. Ultimately, it’s all about how they can entice people to spend more money.

If you took the free drinks and discounted food out of the equation, then the chances are that a prospective customer’s stay would be a lot shorter due to the fact that they would need to go elsewhere to have dinner.

Not only that, but also most importantly their individual spend would likely be a lot less overall due to their shorter stint at the gaming tables. So, it is all about maximising the spend from everyone who enters.

You must not forget that the majority of the Casinos are free to enter, so there is no money to be made on the door. The reason being that once again this acts as an element of enticement, were there an entry fee then this would put up a barrier to most people.

But even with free entry and the inducements above that have been mentioned, the cost benefit to the Casino is still far more worthwhile then had they not put these offers in place. Therefore, at the end of the day it’s almost a win-win situation.

The customer feels like they are getting added value due to the food and drinks offers they are receiving, while the Casino maximises its opportunity to receive more money when it comes to individual customer spend. A business model that can only be viewed as incredibly shrewd