As the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, London is quite the tourist magnet. However, as it’s also a mega-hub for business in the UK as well, it’s not a particularly cheap place to visit, on the face of it.

So, having explored Central London and its massive surrounding area, we’ve come up with some ways to make the most of your money in the capital.


Value for your on-the-go entertainment

Anyone who wants to enjoy some gaming on-the-go in London knows that you need to compare online casinos first to find where the highest-value games are and how to get the best welcome bonuses. As the online casinos are available on mobile across the very well-connected city, they’ve become a go-to way to enjoy some entertainment while out and about in London. There are, however, distinct options that present themselves as better value for money.

For example, some of the leading sites offer matched deposit bonuses, whereas others offer these bonuses alongside hundreds of free spins. So, those who enjoy the slots will find better value in the casinos that give new players free spins.


Which is the most cost-effective way to travel?

London’s underground allows anyone to traverse the massive area with relative ease conveniently. As all of the landmarks and best attractions are so spread out, such as the parks and museums, utilising public transport in London is a must for most visitors. There are two primary options for this: the London Pass and the Oyster Card. The Oyster Card is the commonly used top-up card that allows people to effectively pay-as-you-go on the underground. The London Pass is a bit more expansive, but it is more expensive.

The key to finding which pass is better comes down to where you want to go. If you’re sticking around Central London, which constitutes Zone 1 and Zone 2, the Oyster Card offers the better value for money. However, to go further afield and visit other tourist-driven areas like Windsor, the London Pass balances as the better value pass.


Getting some good-value grub

London is filled with restaurants that span every cuisine and style of dining under the sun. However, in certain areas, predominantly heavy business and tourist-centric regions, the cost of food is nearly absurd. Luckily, there are plenty of eateries dotted around the London area that offer good food at reasonable prices.

You should be able to find your favourite dish or snack at good value in the city, with some of the highest-rated cheap eats being the Japanese dishes at Machiya, the Afghan cuisine of Ariana II, and the jerk and reggae bar Ma Petite Jamaica.


Finding cheap accommodation that you don’t hate

More so than with most facets of visiting London, when it comes to accommodation, you tend to get what you pay for. If you pay for a cheap room, you can invariably expect a dull or even substandard room. However, some of the leading hotel brands that have set up around London have been improving the quality of their budget venues because the low-end accommodation market has become very competitive and popular. Now, places like Ibis Styles Southwark, Holiday Inn Kensington High Street, and the Good Hotel at Royal Victoria Dock offer very nice accommodation but at a low cost.

London has a reputation for being quite an expensive place to visit, let alone live, but if you know where to look and utilise the resources available, you can find good value across the city.