For many people, our photos of London are the memories that we have in physical form.

And the photos that you have might not just be your memories, but also the memories of the people that you’re in them with.

Photos can remind us of some of the happiest and best times of our lives and transport us back to a time that we wished would never end. They can be amusing, make you smile, make you laugh, or even bring a tear to your eye. So, when it comes to choosing the perfect gifts to give to the people closest to you, it makes sense to consider using photos. There are plenty of things that you can do to turn your photos into some of the most amazing, thoughtful gifts that the people around you are ever going to receive.

Photo Book

Maybe you’ve been on an amazing holiday with family, gone for a day out with grandparents and taken loads of photos, or have a lot of wonderful snaps from a family birthday party or Christmas get-together. When it comes to sharing these with the people that you shared the experience with, a photobook can make an ideal gift idea. You can give photo books for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because, and there are tons of options to personalise them and really make them special. You could even add some space to the pages so that the recipient can write their own notes and further personalise their gift while giving them something where they can keep all the memories of that special time in one easy-to-access place. To create an order a personalised photobook, head to Photobox. All you need to do is go to the photobook section on their website or download their app to make it easier to upload your photos straight from your phone. They have pre-designed layouts to choose from or you can come up with your own. Once you’re done, simply order your book and wait for it to arrive.

Photo Phone Case

Most people who have a smartphone will use a case to keep their phone safe and protect it from marks and scratches from everyday use. So, a photo phone case is a useful yet thoughtful gift that you can give to just about anybody. They make ideal gift ideas for partners, parents, or even friends and you can decorate them with any photo that you like. Whether you decide to make a collage phone case with lots of pictures of all your favourite memories together, a case with one of their favourite photos on it or a case featuring a photo of their pets, the options are endless and this is a gift that you know is going to be used daily.

Photo Colouring Books

When it comes to the creative things that you can do with photos, turning them into colouring books can be a great idea. All you need to do is find a company that offers this service and upload your photos. You could even make your own using an app or software that turns your photos into line drawings and then print them out. Not only is this a fun gift idea for kids who will love being able to colour in pictures of themselves and their families, but it’s a good adult gift idea too, especially with adult colouring books becoming more and more popular as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. What better way to wind down with colouring than to create artistic masterpieces using pictures of your nearest and dearest?

Photo Memory Jar

A photo memory jar is a great idea if you are into making your own DIY gifts for the people in your life and want to give them something with sentimental value. Using a regular mason jar – you could even recycle an old sauce jar from your home if you want to be eco-friendly, add some memories from a certain event, holiday, day out, or anything else you like and display a photo in the jar. You could even add some battery-powered fairy lights to the inside of the jar to finish.

Photo Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is similar to a photo book but instead of having it printed and bound, you buy an empty scrapbook and stick the photos in before creating a design, making it a great choice for crafty people. It’s also an ideal gift idea for kids to make for their parents, grandparents, or other family members as it has a very personal touch and can be modified in any way that you like. To do this, you will need an empty scrapbook, some scrapbooking paper, and crafty accessories like stickers, appliques, and other decorative items to place on the pages around the photos. You can write in more information on the page about the photo or type it out, print it, and stick it in.

Photo Canvases

If you want to give a photo as a gift but want to keep it simple and useful, you can’t go wrong with a photo canvas. The photo is printed on a canvas material and then wrapped around wood to keep it tight and make it mountable. Canvas prints are easy to make, and you can order them online to be sent to your home. However, if you are ordering a canvas using photos from your phone, snaps saved off social media or screenshots, then be careful not to go too big since this could impact the quality and you could end up with a very pixelated canvas that won’t look great on the wall. Most sites that allow you to create an order for canvases will warn you if the photo’s quality isn’t good enough for the size.

Photo Christmas Decorations

If you want to give somebody a gift before Christmas or just because then photo Christmas decorations are a fun idea. You can have photo baubles made to order ready for them to hang on their tree or get empty, clear baubles, and make your own. You can get specially designed baubles that open up for you to put the photo inside or baubles that are designed with a frame for inserting your photo; there are lots of different design ideas so that you can make sure it’ll fit in with the rest of their Christmas décor.

Photo Greeting Card

If you’re getting somebody a card to wish them a happy birthday, a merry Christmas or to congratulate them on an occasion or event in their life, then a photo card can be much more memorable and meaningful option compared to a generic card off the rack – and the best part is that they do not usually cost that much more to make, either. You can easily order photo greetings cards from various sites and many also offer the option for you to personalise the text on the front and the inside of the card to make it as unique as possible to the recipient.

When it comes to giving gifts that are unique, thoughtful, and meaningful, you can’t go wrong with using your favourite photos as gifts. If you have photos that are of a shared memory with somebody special in your life, they are sure to appreciate these gift ideas.