Looking for cute ideas on how to earn extra money? London is one of the most expensive cities, so it is not surprising that you may be broke or short of cash especially in a pandemic. Cheer up! Since here’s a list of legal ways to quickly earn money in London, from walking tours to dog sitter, pick the best one!!


Buy a share in Tesla or Apple stock

  Buying shares is getting more and more trendy these days. Moreover, it’s one of the best passive income ideas. The electric car company is up more than 300%, while the iPhone maker is up about 60% since the start of the year. For example, an investment of $2,000 at the beginning of the year in two companies, split equally between each, will now be worth $5,790. Both companies have stable earnings growth and loyal fans around the world. 

 If you feel that investments are only for a few wealthy elite the Stash app may be handy in this case as you can start your investing with as little as $5. If you don’t feel like playing the stock market, you can always play on 500freeslots.com.


Give London walking tours

  You can create your original tour, combining it with your interests. For instance, if you are a foodie – show your guests the best restaurants or cafes. Or maybe you are a kick-ass shopper and know where the biggest sales and special offers are, then come up with a “shopaholic tour”.


Become One Of The London Dog Walkers

  Another pleasant way to get some extra money for dog lovers is to walk your neighbour’s four-legged friend. This is also definitely a nice way to spend winter evenings beating winter sadness and moodiness! Besides, it is really healthy as you can walk outside, breath fresh air and clear your mind.



List A Spare Room For A Rent

  If you feel confident and skilled enough in dealing with real estate, you can rent a larger property and sub-let the rooms. You can also rent out your room or flat when you are out of the city or use it as a set for movies, TV shows or commercial shoots. 


Find Some Job At Freelance Or Side Gigs UK Sites

  Freelance is a really cool option for those who don’t see themselves sitting in an office the whole day and want to make money online. And there are numerous job offers such as: doing voiceovers, tutoring, modeling your parts, entertaining children in a clown costume. You can monetize your hobby and sell your photos to different stocks or you can work as a wedding photographer or take head shots. If you know what is going on in the fashion industry, why not try yourself as a fashion consultant or stylist?



Become a Mystery Shopper

  A mystery shopper is someone who pretends to be a real customer while assessing a customer service provided by a company or organization. You may get an assignment to spend a night at a hotel, dine at a restaurant or pay a visit to the bank. 


Test your luck: buy lotto ticket or play casino

If you still do not know what to do and none of the suggested options suits you – you can always try your luck in one of the numerous London’s casinos or place bets on horse racing. Besides an attractive opportunity to make a fortune without much effort, you make acquaintance with useful people and spend time in a luxurious place. If you are a homebody, then the best uk slots online at your service. Maybe you won’t need to work a day in your life!

As you see, If you want to try to diversify income sources there are plenty of options for every taste. Pick up the one you like, and don’t forget that besides filling your pockets, you should fill yourself with pleasure doing what you like.