Travelling to London means many photos and captured memories while enjoying the surroundings and all candid moments. When planning a trip to London, bring a camera or use your phone to take photos that will enrich your social media profiles, but also crystalize your photography skills.

If you take a London private tour around the city, your photography skills are a must! From capturing the right shots and finding the most attractive angles, our guide will help you have an unforgettable experience. Here are some practical tips to consider:


Enhance Your Photography Skills

Before the trip, you can get familiar with the camera functions, even if you’re using your smartphone. Learn more about the shutter speed and ISO, using online tutorials or testing it yourself.

That way, you will know your camera’s capabilities and features, making the photography process much easier.


Plan The Attire

Plans depend on what you’re gonna shoot – landmarks, portraits, or specific locations. As London is mostly grey through the whole year, wearing vibrant outfits can make the portraits bolder. On the other hand, that means the landscape photos may lack colour, but you can easily fix that if you travel during spring or summer.

The attire is essential to get polished shots and photos that will always remind you of the great time you had.


Be Spontaneous

Capture unexpected moments and scenes because your plans may not go as you wanted. Even professional photographers know that spontaneous shots are often better than planned ones.

Look for opportunities and unusual moments, and never put your camera down. That’s the only way to have exceptional photos that capture the raw moments of natural beauty or people’s happiness.


Play With Angles and Perspectives

Standing in front of the landmark and taking a quick photo is so outdated. We suggest playing from different angles so you can discover more beauty around the landmark.

Try getting lower, zooming in on specific details, or considering the surrounding area as a shot frame. The potential is huge, and you’ll have unique photos instead of those well-known cliche poses everyone takes while in London.


Consider the Natural Light

Early mornings can be best for natural-light photos. Explore your subject during the private tour and decide whether it’s best to capture it during the daytime or if artificial light in the evening gives it a different perspective.

Lighting can change everything, but if you try various options, you’ll end up having beautiful photos to be proud of.


Bonus Tips for Photography in London

Private tours sometimes involve a lot of walking around the sights, so comfortable shoes are a must. Even if you use some transportation from one place to another, perfect photos sometimes require going above and beyond the usual settings. So, wear comfortable shoes, even if you don’t plan on walking a lot.

We also suggest packing a charged battery and extra memory cards. Sometimes, the inspiration is endless, and you’ll have a hard time dealing with full memory cards, since every shot is valuable. Also, charge the reserve battery every night, because you don’t know what kind of adventure the next day brings.

And most importantly – have fun. Private tours in London are all about relaxing and exploring the city. Photos are a plus to the experience, to be a reminder of the great time you had in London.