When it comes to luxury living, there’s perhaps nowhere better on Earth to do it than Mayfair. This relatively small borough of London is home to some of the most exclusive places in the capital.

It’s a playground for the rich and famous, but that doesn’t mean that us mere mortals can’t enjoy a slice of it from time to time. We’ve put together a brief weekend itinerary, including where to stay, where to eat, and where to play, as well as some of the major tourist sites.

Stay and Play at Les Ambassadeurs

Starting off your weekend with some luxury entertainment is always a good way to lift the mood and start proceedings off on the right foot. We’ve got a special experience up our sleeves for you in the form of one of the most spectacular casino hotels in Europe, Les Ambassadeurs. That means that not only can you game here, but you’ll also be able to come back later and rest your head.

For now, though, we’ll focus on the gaming aspect. This casino prides itself on having a range of table games to suit all tastes, so any gaming enthusiast will be well catered for. Although you won’t be experiencing the same sorts of bonuses as you might be used to at an online casino, you will be playing on pure mahogany gaming tables, which might make up for it somewhat.

Les Ambassadeurs prides itself on being the most exclusive casino not just in Mayfair, but in the whole of London, so it would be crazy to expect any less. Make note of the betting limit before sitting down at a table as there are a lot of options for high rollers, but a more limited choice for the lower budgets.

Dress smartly for the occasion too, a t-shirt and jeans simply won’t cut it here. Instead, unleash your inner James Bond and opt for a stylish suit, or perhaps a cocktail dress for ladies. Once you’ve played a few rounds of your chosen game, it’s time to head out. If you’re still having a great time, then you’ll always be able to sneak a little more gaming in before bed later.

Soak Up Some Culture at The National Gallery

There are very few countries that make art so freely accessible as Britain does. The vast majority of the museums not just in London, but across the country, are free to the public. However, that doesn’t make a trip to the National Gallery any less of a luxurious experience.

To begin with, the building itself is truly magnificent. It has stood in its place on Trafalgar Square since the gallery opened in 1824 and is a beautiful example of classical architecture. The dome and columns to the front of the building are certainly imposing, but perhaps the most special part is the inside of the ceilings. Highly ornate, sometimes gilded, sometimes decorated with elaborate mosaics and frescoes, it would be fair to say that the interior of this building is an artwork in its own right. However, what we’re really here for is the collection.

The National Gallery holds a collection of pieces that stretch from the mid-1200s right up to the 19th century. There are in the region of 2300 individual paintings to behold in the gallery, so you’ll need to devote at least a couple of hours to this part of the weekend if you want to stand a chance at seeing even half of them! It would be impossible to name all of the highlights, but several key pieces by Vincent Van Gogh, including his famous sunflowers, always attract crowds.

Eat Delectable Sushi at Koyn

Mayfair has more than its fair share of excellent restaurants, but a relative newcomer is definitely shaking things up. Koyn is a concept restaurant that was opened by the founders of another popular Mayfair haunt Jamavar and is based on the experience of being in the foothills of Mount Fuji.

The menu was conceptualized and created by ex-Nobu chef Rhys Cattermoul and is split into two distinct sections. The first contains traditional sushi staples, including sashimi, nigiri, and robata. The second part contains Japanese-style BBQ and sharing plates. It would be fair to say that everything on the menu is delicious, but we’ve included some of the true stand-out dishes.

It should go without saying that fish lovers will be in heaven here, but if you don’t believe us then try the dry-aged sea bass and sweet shrimp. The succulent fish are paired with oscietra caviar and a sharp and citrusy soy dashi, spiked with yuzu. The black miso cod has an almost cult-like following, its deep umami flavour being almost addictively good. Order at least half a dozen courses if you’re sharing as a pair and you will not be disappointed.

There’s an extensive cocktail menu too and all of the waiting staff will be more than happy to help you with pairings if you’re a little stuck. Dessert is delicious here too, but washing everything down with some sake might be more traditional!