Big changes are coming for Clarion Gaming’s major events in 2025! After a lengthy selection process, Barcelona has been chosen as the new host city for the renowned ICE and iGB Affiliate conferences. These events will be moving from their longtime home in London.

The decision wasn’t made lightly. Over a six-month period, representatives from ICE considered bids from four different cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, and London itself. Ultimately, Barcelona’s impressive facilities, strong hospitality infrastructure, and potential for a long-term partnership with the gaming industry won them the bid.

The process was lengthy, but correct according to Clarion who had to get the opinions of their partners such as Novomatic, LnW, Evolution Gaming and more.

The move signifies a new chapter for ICE. The event will be held at the Fira de Barcelona, a massive venue with 240,000 square meters of space. A five-year contract has been signed, locking in Barcelona as the host city from 2025 to 2029. The first edition under this new agreement will take place January 20-22, 2025.

This shift also offers a unique opportunity for attendees. Since ICE and iGB Affiliate will be the only major events happening in Barcelona during that time frame, exhibitors and participants can expect an exclusive and focused experience. Clarion Gaming has even secured 40,000 hotel nights to accommodate the influx of visitors.


Why the Move?

Clarion Gaming’s managing director, Alex Pratt, highlighted several factors that influenced the decision. Barcelona’s world-class facilities and strong support infrastructure were key considerations. Additionally, the potential to create a lasting partnership between the international gaming industry, the venue itself, and local stakeholders in Barcelona was a major draw.

Pratt emphasized the importance of this new chapter, stating it presents “a huge opportunity to create an important legacy for the future.”


A Farewell to London, Hello to New Horizons

While ICE and iGB Affiliate are setting sail for Barcelona, another Clarion Gaming event is finding a new home. iGB L!VE, previously held in Amsterdam, will be relocating to ExCeL London in 2025.

Pratt expressed gratitude to the team at ExCeL for their past support in developing and growing ICE and iGB Affiliate. He looks forward to continuing this successful partnership by bringing iGB L!VE to London in July 2025.

With the venue decisions finalized, Clarion Gaming can now focus on delivering exceptional experiences for attendees at both ICE and iGB Affiliate in London this year, and preparing for their exciting new chapter in Barcelona starting in 2025.