You’d have to have been living under a rock for the past week not to have heard about Big Brother and all the racist stuff going on.

Now frankly, I detest the program and rarely watch it (and only do to remind myself how awful it is) but I’m actually surprised it has taken so long for something like this to have happened on it.

After all, they’ve already had blatant sexism (John McCridick a few series’ ago), bizarre politicians (George Gallaway behaving like a cat) and lots of sexual stuff happening, I think some pre watershed. Racism was surely only a matter of time.

But the real issue, I think, is that it has reminded people of the fact that racism is still quite clearly a big issue in London. Jade is sadly not alone in her thinking or behaviour.

Last night I went to the local pub with a friend. Fairly crowded, a good mix of people. And into the bar walks some nutter (yes, he was a nutter). Ranting and raving at the top of his voice about doomsday, 1996 (god knows why) and then coming out with lots of highly offensive racist comments. The landlord, who happens to be black, politely ushered him out.

And the bar went silent for a few moments. I wonder if other customers were thinking the same thoughts as us – racist pig, sadly typical, and all too common.

Racism doesn’t just happen in Big Brother – I see it on buses, in shops and in my workplace – even though my employer prides itself on being “diversity friendly”. Some is verbal, a lot is non-verbal (body language, etc) and some is fairly subtle but its all still there.

(On my way to work, I have to pass the office of one of the merchant banks that paid out billions in bonuses to high flying city boys. Guess what colour all its doormen are. I wonder how many black people they have on their trading floors……….. )

Those people who think London has tackled racism are sadly very deluded. Its out there still, alive and well.

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  1. As someone moving to London in a few months it was great reading your post.

    Im an Aussie but not your typical white one (portugese/south african background). So im very curious to see how racism plays out. Ive heard a lot of stories that like Australia its there but just unspoken. It makes you wonder if its just a lack of empathy/tolerance on the part of our generation or if its inately human nature.

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