College life is one of the most exciting moments for students. It is an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and shape the future. Indeed, being in college is a dream come true for most individuals.

Nonetheless, students tend to operate on tight budgets. A majority of students do not come from well-off families. Such learners often find themselves strapped for cash. While it is challenging for such students to survive in college, companies have devised ways of giving freebies to students. The companies seek to enhance loyalty among the students knowing that soon the students will be through with college and continue using particular products or services. You can take advantage of the following free things for students.



Amazon Student

Amazon Student works the same as Amazon Prime; the only difference is that it is meant for students. Amazon Prime subscribers enjoy the following.

  • Shipping benefits.
  • Streaming benefits.
  • Shopping benefits.
  • Reading benefits.

Amazon gives students 6-months of Amazon Prime. You need to appreciate that the Amazon Prime Student will expire after six months. In order for you to access Amazon Prime Student, you need to provide evidence that you are a student. You should provide a current .edu email address.

Amazon Student has enabled students to get benefits that they would otherwise not afford. A friend of mine Mike Johnson, who works in the paper writing service once told me: “I had a huge student debt which made my college life miserable. During that time, we never used to have Amazon Prime accessible to students. Now that students can access the same benefits as Amazon Prime customer, I want to be a student once more.”


Free Checking Accounts

Banks tend to place restrictions on the accounts of their clients so that they can meet the minimum requirements. The maintenance fee required by banks is sometimes beyond the reach of a majority of college learners in London. Such imposed fees may discourage students from accessing some of the banking services.

However, banks in college towns have put measures that take care of students. Banks know that learners are not in a position to pay huge maintenance fees. As a result, the banks often provide free checking accounts for individuals in college. As a student, you need to take advantage of the free checking account in most of the backs. Unlike accounts with the rest of the clients, you can access financial services with no strings attached. Where you are not sure about the availability of free checking accounts, please contact your bank for more details. You will be surprised that such benefits exist.

Free Microsoft Office

For a majority of students, affording some of the Microsoft products is challenging. For instance, the Office 365 Home package costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. The amount is beyond the reach of most of the average students. Thankfully, Microsoft allows students to access Office Education for free. The package includes:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Microsoft Teams

All you need to do it to provide a valid school email to get started. Due to the availability of this package, organizing documents, writing essays, and purchasing pre written papers is cheaper than ever. Since you are saving money due to the free Office education, you can now spend the cash purchasing custom essays. If you are unable to write essays, you can now get an expert writer to do it for you. Take advantage of the free resources for students Microsoft offers to students to save money so that you can purchase an essay from online writing services.

Free GitHub

Coding is one of the most essential skills that all students should have. Even for learners who are no specializing in IT courses, they need to possess basic coding skills. While this is the case, most learners feel that they cannot afford most of the developer packs offered. Paying for hosting charges problematic to some of the college students.

GitHub offers a special package for students. The Student Developer Pack is meant to give learners access to essential developer tools that other normal users pay for. It is one of the must-have online resources for college students. In order to be eligible for the pack as a student, you should:

  • Be currently enrolled in a degree or diploma-granting course of study
  • Provide a verifiable school-issued email address.
  • Submit documents to prove that you are currently a student. These include your school ID, transcript and enrollment verification letter.
  • Have a GitHub user account
  • Be not less than 13 years old

Please note that GitHub will continuously ask you to re-verify your current student status. The pack will not be available forever since it is limited to one or two years while in college.


Free Autodesk

Engineers and designers need Autodesk to perform various functions. The software is expensive and beyond the reach of a majority of learners. For Engineering and design students, Autodesk is a must-have program. In order to enable college students to access the program, Autodesk offers open access to more than 100 products to students, educators, and institutions. Instead of buying the expensive software, you can use your .edu mail ID to sign up for the free access.


Free Resume Samples on Writing Service sites

A majority of the college career service offices offer resume writing services for students. The career offices endeavor to ensure that their students stand a better chance of getting jobs during and after college. You can visit your career office and get free service. However, getting a resume from the college career service office presents some challenges. Firstly, the number of students seeking the services is high which may deny you an opportunity to get a quality service. Additionally, you cannot request more resumes, especially where you are applying for different posts. In such a case, you need to approach resume writing sites.

Resume That Works knows that students have tight budgets and cannot afford expensive resume writing services. As a student, you can ask the service to provide you with a free resume sample. The company would be willing to assist you so that you can get your dream job.

Conclusively, free stuff for college students is readily available. You need to take advantage of the opportunity you have as a college student in London to access free services. It is understandable that you do not have a lot of money to spend on these essential services. However, with your student email address and other credentials to prove that you are a student, you can access some of these services for free. Do not spend your hard-earned cash on what you can access for free. You will not be a student forever hence you need to take advantage of the freebies now.