Q: My Mother and I will be visiting London for the first time next May 2005 and will have three full days for sightseeing before heading to Dover for our cruise.

I am trying to figure out how to plan seeing the many sights in three days.

I would love to get your suggestions, as I am not familiar with the transportation, costs, and size of the city to get around. We are interested in seeing the following (list below), which I do not know if we can “do it all” in the three days.
I know this is a long list and we may not be able to see all of it, but if you can help me plan the three days so that we can concentrate on a section/area each day, we could narrow down the sights.

A: depending on how energetic you both are, I would suggest grouping the following places together on each day.

Day One
(start at westminster station)
– Westminster Abbey

– Parliament
– War Rooms
– Buckingham Palace
– One of the parks to stroll for a short while (St. James??)
– Horse Guards
– National Gallery or National Portrait Gallery
(then walk back along Whitehall to Westminster station)
Transport: just get a return ticket to Westminster station (on the underground) from wherever you will be staying

Day Two
-St. Pauls Cathedral
-Tower of London
-A river cruise
Transport: make your way to St Pauls, then walk down to the Tower (through the city of London) and get a river boat from there – or get the train back to westminster and get a boat from there

Day Three
-Kensington Palace
-British museum
Transport: not too familiar with this area so suggest you get a one day travel card. Start at south ken, then possibly get back on train to harrods, then definitely get on train to Russell Square, for British musem.