Why is it that it FEELS so hot in London when it is actually not any hotter than places like Thailand, Greece and Sydney that I have visited in summer?


1 – London shops typically have crap air conditioning and refrigeration. I was talking about this with a cabbie yesterday. How come when you go into a corner shop in say a little village in Crete, the drinks are icy cold. Always. Yet, go into similar in London and the drinks are at room temperature, even when in the “fridge” (and I use the term loosely.)

2 – London transport has no air conditioning. Get onto the overground metro in Bangkok and it is like walking into a cool room. In London, I hear the tube resembles a furnace and temperatures are so high it would be illegal to transport livestock in them.

3 – Lack of water to cool off in. Let’s not go into the hose pipe ban, but the only places for Londoners to cool off in are probably their showers at home, public swimming pools (yuk, remember – people who swim in these are hot. Hot means they are probably sweaty. Then they get into this body of water – with other people. Yuk.) or the Thames (think cholera, dysentry, anything but safety really.)

Anyway, my poor kittens are suffering in the heat and probably think the end of the world is nigh. This is their first summer. So I have been pouring water on our lawn so they can sit on it to cool down. As for me, keep in the shade and drink loads of cold water – and think of the pounds I am hopefully sweating off 🙂